Backpackers checklist

Backpackers Checklist

Packing right is the most important thing a backpacker can do before setting off on a trip and having wrong or inadequate gear can cause a world of stress and taking too much a world of discomfort. But have no fear, as hitch-hikers handbook is here to help, as we bring you our backpackers checklist with all the essentials you will need to minimise the load and maximise the comfort. With advice on camping and cooking equipment as well as useful hints and tips on what to take and how to pack light and compact.


No backpacker carries more weight on their 2nd trip than their 1st and those who have hitch-hiked know the importance of being able to pick up and drop off your bag at the drop of a hat. Every trip we aim to carry a little less and at present we have our bags at a healthy 11 / 12 km each, but we are always striving to take that number down a little more. In addition to our clothes, we carry with us, cooking and camping equipments as well as other essentials which we will break down into sections for your reading pleasure.

What to take and how to pack light for a trip

T-shirts and tops, backpackers checklist

Packing light is a skill which you must learn if you want to backpack of hitch-hike for a long time without straining your back and ruining your trip. Follow these simple rules and we can guarantee you less stress and back pain throughout your journey…


Cooking & Camping Gear

Cooking equipment - packed together, backpackers checklist

Advice on the clothes and toiletries you’d need, some handy tips about how to make your luggage light and compact as well as all the necessary camping & cooking gear you need if you really want to keep the costs down.


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