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How to make Jiaozi – traditional Chinese Dumplings in 3 different ways (+VIDEO)

The 20th video in our Cultural Relay Project teaching you how to make Jiaozi - traditional Chinese Dumplings. We join Luxi from Rice & Friends, a Chinese cooking school in Dali, as she walks us through how to make the ubiquitous and easy to make Chinese dish. Ingredients, preparation alternatives and more...
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How to cook Beshbarmak – the Kazakhstan national dish (+VIDEO)

Beshbarmak - header
The 19th video in our Cultural Relay Project teaching how to cook Beshbarmak - the national dish of Kazakhstan. Consisting of boiled horse or mutton meat, boiled pastry noodles and topped with an onion and broth sauce, Beshbarmak means five fingers in Kazakh due to the way of consuming the food, namely with the hand. Watch our new video to learn how to bring a little Kazakh culture into your kitchen...
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Travelling in Turkmenistan: road stories #13 – from Ashgabat to Konye-Urgench

Ania and a Turkmen man, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - header
Welcome to the 13th part of our Travelogue following us during our stay in Turkmenistan's wierd and wonderful capital Ashgabat: enjoying the amazingly over-the-top architecture of one of the world's most closed regimes. Then we strike north through the desert in a haze of attempted sleep and a landscape that featured nothing but sand ...
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Bazaar of Tabriz, Iran – photo essay and tourist information

Situated in the heart of the ancient city of Tabriz, the UNESCO listed Bazaar is one of the oldest and definitely one of the most atmospheric markets in the Middle East. Complete with stunning photos and a video walk through, here is all the encouragement you need to visit one of Iran's finest monuments ...
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