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Yazd Old Town, Iran – photo essay and tourist information (+VIDEO)

Tomb of 12 imams, Yazd, Iran - header
Losing yourself in the maze of mud bricked kuches (lanes) of the ancient city of Yazd is one of the highlights of any trip to Iran. Explore the narrow winding alleys and search out the simple courtyards, covered walkways and ornately carved wooden doors that make it such an atmospheric place ...
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Hitchhiking in Iran: road stories #9 – from Shiraz to Yazd

Introducing the 9th part of our Travelogue covering our stay in Iran's most vibrant city Shiraz and our hitchhike to Yazd: Join us as we have the time of our lives in Shiraz, with videos of Iranian folk music by master musician Shahram. Also the highs and lows of visiting UNESCO sites and a hitchhike with a family, a bunch of truck drivers and budding tour guide
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Persepolis, Iran – photo essay and tourist information

Persepolis, Iran (39) - header
Founded in 518 B.C. as the capital of the Achaemenid Empire, the city of Persepolis (meaning the city of Persians) is one of Iran's top tourist destinations and a breathtaking attraction. Despite being a shadow of its former self, the ruins of the structures that can be seen today still leave an indelible mark ...
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The Bridges of Isfahan – photo essay and tourist information

Siosepol Bridge, Isfahan, Iran - header
Some of Isfahan's finest architecture spans the Zayandeh River, contributing to the breathtaking images already abundant in Iran's prettiest city. The bridges of Isfahan, of which there are 11 in total, are a stunning example of urban and functional architecture and have become a symbol of the city. Explore with us the prettiest of Isfahan's bridges!
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Imam Khomeini Mosque, Isfahan, Iran – photo essay and tourist information

Imam Khomeini Mosque, Esfahan, Iran (16) - header
Imam Khomeini Mosque is without doubt a masterpiece of Persian design and arguably the finest example of Islamic architecture anywhere in Iran. Built under the direction of Shah Abbas it is famed for its use of seven-colour mosaic tiles and elegant calligraphic inscriptions. Let us take you around this most elegant of mosques ...
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Bazaar of Tabriz, Iran – photo essay and tourist information

Situated in the heart of the ancient city of Tabriz, the UNESCO listed Bazaar is one of the oldest and definitely one of the most atmospheric markets in the Middle East. Complete with stunning photos and a video walk through, here is all the encouragement you need to visit one of Iran's finest monuments ...
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