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Hitch-hiking in Georgia


1) Visas
2) Advantages
3) Disadvantages
4) Things you should be aware of
5) Hitch-hikers phrasebook
6) Road map of Georgia
7) Main border crossings
8) Best areas for hitch-hiking
9) Most beautiful natural spot
10) Best city/town
11) Our experience

Basic information

Capital city: Tbilisi
Lari (GEL)
extremely easy (10/10)
feasible (6/10)



Georgia has a very liberal visa policy. Citizens of most countries do not require visas for a stay of up to 360 days and citizens of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Iran up to 90 days. Other nationals may purchase visa upon arrival.

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Hitch-hiking in Turkey

We visited Turkey twice. Once, just after we’d met in 2007, we stayed in Istanbul for a week. The second time, in 2011 we hitch-hiked across Turkey as a part of our ‘Caucasus-Turkey-Greece’ trip. We entered the country crossing the Georgian-Turkish border in Sarp (Northeastern Anatolia) and left it, crossing the Greek-Turkish border in Ipsala.

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