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Why visit Sarajevo, Bosnia?

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (19) - Souvenir shop along Baščaršija (Old Bazaar)
Sarajevo is one the most historically interesting and varied cities in all of Europe and the crossroads where Roman Catholic west, Eastern Orthodox east and the Ottoman south collide. A wonderful blend of minarets, grilled kebabs and the pervasive smell of ground coffee, reminiscent of Istanbul but with a Slavic twist...
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Why visit Salamanca, Spain?

Long range shot of Catedral Nueva (New Cathedral), taken from plaza in front of Convento de San Esteban (San Esteban Convent), Salamanca, Spain

Why visit Salamanca?

Salamanca is, for many, a dream destination. Whether enjoying the floodlit delights of Plaza Mayor, the beautiful otherworldly cathedrals or the earthier student bars, Salamanca seems to strike a perfect balance between stunning monuments and good times. The contrast of which is best symbolised by the city’s awe-inspiringly refined plasteresque university, which draws a huge Spanish and international student populace, helping to ensure a young and vibrant atmosphere. The architectural splendour is not confined to the golden washed sandstone, however, as varying architectural styles compete to spell binding effect. Put simply Salamanca is one of Spain‘s most dynamic and striking cities.

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