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Road Stories #42: Being spied on in Jingning & visiting Xian a historical capital of China

Shepherd woman next to the motorway, China - header
"Crouched down on the grass I felt like John Rambo without the knife in my teeth." We continue our adventures in China with a local peeping Tom in the town of Jingning, hitchhiking with a feeder and exploring Xian, one of China's ancient capitals packed full of historical sites to see
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Road Stories #22: Messing with the police in Tashkent and crossing the Uzbek-Tajik border

Wild camping in Uzbekistan - header
Introducing the 22nd edition of our Long Way Home travelogue, bringing an end to our time in Uzbekistan. Including our final stay in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, our encounters with some corrupt police and our attempt to make our first fire and going nuclear on the situation. Enjoy! ...
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