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All you need to know about Chinese visa extension and how to do it in Lijiang step by step

China is a huge land rich in culture and history. So, let's be honest, 30 days on your Chinese visa is clearly not going to be enough! Learn how to do your Chinese visa extension in Lijiang, Yunnan Province and save yourself valuable time and money. Includes step-by-step guide, maps, prices & more...
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How to get an Iranian visa in Trabzon (2015)

How to get an Iranian visa in Trabzon - header
Trabzon used to be the place to go to get your Iranian visa as you didn't need the reference number (authorisation code) and you were able to obtain your visa sometimes even on the same day. Unfortunately, these days are over! In our recent post we explain everything you need to know if you want to apply for your Iranian visa in Trabzon.
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