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Road Stories #36: Turning 30 in Almaty

Hills surrounding Almaty, Kazakhstan - header
Getting old is what happens to other people, people with less luck, past it actors, rock stars, my parents, everybody else, just not me... How will Jon deal with turning the big 3.0.? Find out as we see in the milestone in Kazahstan's southern capital of Almaty and explore one of Central Asia's coolest and most chic cities
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Road Stories #31: Crossing the Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan border into such Kyrgyz hospitality

Read about our experiences crossing the Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan border and seeing one of the most beautiful natural sights anywhere in Central Asia. Also, our first taste of Kyrgyz hospitality as we make an unscheduled stop in a village where we are welcomed with open arms ...
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