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Hitchhiking in Iran: road stories #7 – from Tehran to Isfahan

Anti-American poster in Tehran, Iran - header

This is the 7th part of our Travelogue in which we tell you what happened to us on the road from Tehran to Isfahan. The highlights of our stay in the capital of Iran included visiting the Golestan Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; taking a look at the Den of Espionage and being invited to an Iranian house for a tasty national dish. On the way to Isfahan we were also picked up by the police… Interested to see how it all ended up?

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Hitchhiking through Kosovo & Macedonia to industrial and grimy Nis in Serbia

Square of King Alexander Unifier, Nis Serbia

Yet another surprise was ahead of us when we crossed the border of the 10th country on our itinerary, Serbia. We heard stories of its former power, its great monuments and apparently the most beautiful nature on the whole peninsula. You can easily imagine our disappointment when we crossed the Serbian border to find ourselves in a grey, industrial land where cars went whizzing past…

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