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Road Stories #47: Our hitchhiking trip through Yunnan province

Shangri-la, China - header
Tucked away in the south-western corner of China sits the spectacular province of Yunnan. One of the most culturally and ethnically diverse parts of the country, it became one of our favourite regions due to its stunning nature, interesting towns and as the place of some great experiences. Here are some of our highlights...
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Tiger Leaping Gorge, the best hike in China – photo essay and hiking information

Tiger Leaping Gorge, China (88) - header
Chattering birds breaking the distant rumble of the river a thousand metres below your feet. The sunlight bathing the snowy tops of souring mountains. The hike along Tiger Leaping Gorge contains some of China's most sparkling views, every step is invigorating, every corner contains breathtaking vistas...
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Road Stories #45: Learning about Tibetan Buddhist culture in Litang

After a hellish hitchhike along the Tibetan Highway, we finally arrive in Litang and all is not what we had expected. We visit the beautiful Chode Gompa monastery and stumble upon an extremely interesting Buddhist ceremony and make friends with a man dressed like a bird of prey and visit a local school. Interested?
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Road Stories #44: Hitchhiking along the Tibetan Highway

We had heard much about China's most beautiful road, the Tibetan Highway and in lieu of being able to visit Tibet itself we decided to press through the driving rain in search of some of the fabled Tibetan culture hiding away in Chinese south-western hills. Beautiful yes. Slow going? Even more so. Read on and find out how it went down...
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Road Stories #43: Staying with a Dad in Guangyuan and the importance of slurping

Fancy meal in Guangyuan, China - header
Hitchhiking to Guangyuan was a chance to see the blue skies again and boy we're we happy! Pead about our couchsurfing experience of staying with a guy we'd never met's Dad and our attempts to integrate ourselves in a posh Chinese restuarant by slurping away like a couple of natives
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Road Stories #42: Being spied on in Jingning & visiting Xian a historical capital of China

Shepherd woman next to the motorway, China - header
"Crouched down on the grass I felt like John Rambo without the knife in my teeth." We continue our adventures in China with a local peeping Tom in the town of Jingning, hitchhiking with a feeder and exploring Xian, one of China's ancient capitals packed full of historical sites to see
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