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Balkan Music

Balkan Music - Evstafiev playing the Cello in Bosnia (source: wikicommons)
On our recent Balkan Peninsula by Thumb trip one music we couldn't help but get acquainted with was 'music of South-eastern Europe' or as its more commonly called Balkan music. So difficult was it to avoid that whilst we were travelling in Italy and the Balkans from cars, shops and bars but what is Balkan music?...
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Hitchhiking through Kosovo & Macedonia to industrial and grimy Nis in Serbia

Square of King Alexander Unifier, Nis Serbia
Yet another surprise was ahead of us when we crossed the border of the 10th country on our itinerary, Serbia. We heard stories of its former power, its great monuments and apparently the most beautiful nature on the whole peninsula. You can easily imagine our disappointment when we crossed the Serbian border to find ourselves in a grey, industrial land where cars went whizzing past...
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