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Why visit Sarajevo, Bosnia?

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (19) - Souvenir shop along Baščaršija (Old Bazaar)
Sarajevo is one the most historically interesting and varied cities in all of Europe and the crossroads where Roman Catholic west, Eastern Orthodox east and the Ottoman south collide. A wonderful blend of minarets, grilled kebabs and the pervasive smell of ground coffee, reminiscent of Istanbul but with a Slavic twist...
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Guest post: An Unexpected Hitchhike in Bosnia – by Drew Goldberg (thehungrypartier)

An Unexpected Hitchhike in Bosnia - Drew Goldberg
In this week's guest post... we join Drew Goldberg on an unexpected hitch-hike in Bosnia as a hungover day trip turns into a nightmare 300 km detour over the case of a missing passport... Bosnia is probably one of the most challenging Balkan countries in terms of hitchhiking and this post perfectly shows what it can be like. We encourage you to read it and watch a short video of Drew's experience.
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