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10 Things to be aware of when backpacking and hitchhiking in the Caucasus – part 1

Old beat-up van and yellow tinged hills - On the road, Southern Georgia
Caucasus is one of the most stunning, friendliest and one of the most culturally diverse regions we have ever been to! Discover the 10 things you should be aware of when backpacking and hitchhiking in this fascinating place: visas, currency, hitchhiking, major destinations and more...
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7 things to be aware of when backpacking and hitch-hiking in Azerbaijan

Azeri people who stopped us in order to have their photo taken with us - On the road, Azerbaijan
Travelling can be a tricky business with so many differences in manners and customs that sometimes its hard to remember what to do and when to do it. Never fear, for here is our essential guide of 6 things to be aware of when backpacking and hitch-hiking in Azerbaijan...
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Hitch-hiking in Azerbaijan


1) Visas
2) Advantages
3) Disadvantages
4) Things you should be aware of
5) Hitch-hiker’s phrasebook
6) Road map of Azerbaijan
7) Main border crossings
8) Best areas for hitch-hiking
9) Most beautiful natural spot
10) Best city/town

Basic information

Capital city: Baku
Manat (AZN)
very difficult (2/10)
very difficult – only in the capital (3/10)



Read this carefully, as it’s not possible to obtain an Azeri visa on the border (unless you hold a Turkish or Irani passport)!

So far, in our travel experience, Azerbaijan has been the country with the most difficult and expensive visa procedure. It is not impossible, although it takes time and lots of money and if you are not prepared for this and not determined enough, you will be denied entry. What we found difficult, was that before travelling to the Caucasus we’d read so many misleading pieces of information that till the last day we weren’t sure what the best way to do it was and what documents we would need.

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Baku by night

Nizami raion with strollers, bathed in light - Baku by night – Bakı, Azerbaijan (6)

Baku by night

There aren’t that many other cities in the world where a breeze smells of oil, but in Baku it’s a rather pleasant whiff.

Travelling to Baku in Azerbaijan, we didn’t really know what to expect. We anticipated an awful, dark and dirty little place, as we’d heard it’s the oil capital of the Caucasus. Quite to our surprise, we found it to be a charming, cobbled city teeming with historical buildings and sites of interest. And if it wasn’t for the oppressive heat, you would be able to stroll around the old town for hours, not getting tired of the cityscape.

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