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10 Things to be aware of when backpacking and hitchhiking in the Caucasus – part 1

Old beat-up van and yellow tinged hills - On the road, Southern Georgia
Caucasus is one of the most stunning, friendliest and one of the most culturally diverse regions we have ever been to! Discover the 10 things you should be aware of when backpacking and hitchhiking in this fascinating place: visas, currency, hitchhiking, major destinations and more...
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6 things to be aware of when backpacking and hitch-hiking in Armenia

The valley marking no mans land between Turkey & Armenia - Ani, Turkey
Travelling can be a tricky business with so many differences in manners and customs that sometimes its hard to remember what to do and when to do it. Never fear, for here is our essential guide of 6 things to be aware of when backpacking and hitch-hiking in Armenia...
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Travel Photography Competition – week 57

Hello everyone and welcome to the 57th edition of our popular Travel Photography Competition! This week we will be looking at photos sent into our  Facebook page between 20th and 27th August.

The first winning shot in this week’s competition shows an abandoned house in the village of Dsegh, Lori Province, Armenia. Dsegh used to be known as Tumanyan due to the fact that it’s the birthplace of the most appreciated Armenian poet, Hovhannes Tumanyan. There are four churches in the village; the oldest one, St. Gregory church was built in the 13th century. Outside the village you can find some interesting caves that were used by people as dwelling in prehistoric times.

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Hitch-hiking in pictures (photo challenge)

One of our drivers - On the road, Turkey

Hitch-hiking in pictures

Hello hitch-hikers, backpackers and travellers around the world! Welcome to our first photo challenge of 2013!

As we’ve already had our first hitch-hiking trip this year, coming from New Year celebrations in Bristol back to London, we thought that the first photo challenge in 2013 should correspond with our favourite way of travelling.

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