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Hitchhiking in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan: road stories #14 – from Konye-Urgench to Nukus

Friendly Turkmen Family at the mosque - header
Introducing the 14th part of our Travelogue charting our stay in an unexpected place in Konye-Urgench, our experiences crossing the Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan border and our first experiences in the 4th country on our travels, where we encounter a friendly stranger and make our first foray into changing the impossibly numerous Uzbek sum
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Travelling in Turkmenistan: road stories #13 – from Ashgabat to Konye-Urgench

Ania and a Turkmen man, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - header
Welcome to the 13th part of our Travelogue following us during our stay in Turkmenistan's wierd and wonderful capital Ashgabat: enjoying the amazingly over-the-top architecture of one of the world's most closed regimes. Then we strike north through the desert in a haze of attempted sleep and a landscape that featured nothing but sand ...
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Hitchhiking in Iran & Turkmenistan: road stories #12 – from Mashhad to Ashgabat

Tomb of Imam Reza, Mashhad, Iran - header
Sit back and enjoy the 12th part of our Travelogue recording our stay in Iran's holiest city Mashhad, where we partied like it was Iranian New Year (Nowruz) and our fateful decision to camp close to the border of Turkmenistan. Have you ever wondered what its like to pack up a tent in a hail storm? Also, featuring our attempt to get across the Turkmen frontier and on the capital of this strange and mysterious land ...
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14 Stunning destinations to visit on our Long Way Home trip

Parthian Fortresses of Nisa, Turkmenistan - photo by Justin Barton - Fotopedia
Check out these 14 stunning places we are going to visit on our forthcoming hitchhiking trip from Iran to Europe during which we want to cover 25,000 km by thumb. It's also the last opportunity to vote for our travel project and help us win full sponsorship. Please, vote and help us!
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