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Hitchhiking in Turkey VIDEO compilation

Hitchhiking in Turkey summary
Check out the VIDEO compilation summarising our most recent hitchhiking trip in Turkey. The post is also a directory which will help you find our most interesting Turkish travel stories, articles on culture and traditions as well as practical posts for any budget traveller in Turkey. Learn how to travel in Turkey for 5£ a day!
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Hitchhiking in Turkey & Iran: road stories #4 – from Doğubayazıt to Tabriz

Kurdish village and Mt Ararat - header
This is the fourth part of our Travelogue covering our stay in Doğubayazıt, our failed attempt to visit the Ishak Pasha Palace and perhaps our most intimidating hitchhike yet, trying to cross the Turkey - Iran border. Interested to see if they noticed that we didn't have a guide? Then read on and find out how it all went ...
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Hitchhiking in Turkey: road stories #3 – from Erzurum to Doğubayazıt

This is the third part of our Travelogue in which we cover our stay in Erzurum, where we tried to learn some local dances (video included :), taught a Turkish man how to make an English pie and learnt how to prepare traditional Turkish coffee. Then we hitchhiked to Doğubayazıt and spread some spicy tunes. Curious? Read on...
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