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Road Stories #45: Learning about Tibetan Buddhist culture in Litang

After a hellish hitchhike along the Tibetan Highway, we finally arrive in Litang and all is not what we had expected. We visit the beautiful Chode Gompa monastery and stumble upon an extremely interesting Buddhist ceremony and make friends with a man dressed like a bird of prey and visit a local school. Interested?
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Interesting shop windows from around the world [photo challenge] – YOUR PICTURES

Naked dummies - by Sonja Obdeijn. Interesting shop windows from around the world

We’ve had a fantastic response to our first photo challenge “Interesting Shop Windows from Around the World” and have received some really great shop window photos. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated and we are really sorry we couldn’t publish all the photos we’ve received but there were just too many! Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend, everybody!

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