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Road Stories #40: Hitchhiking the Kazakhstan-China border and the consequences of not registering in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan-China border crossing header
Our experience leaving the extremely hospitable Kazakhstan and making our first succesful entry into China including how we had our first taste of this diverse country before we even left, realising our crucial mistake on the border and one of the strangest, and most successful, hitchhikes of all time...
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How to cook Beshbarmak – the Kazakhstan national dish (+VIDEO)

Beshbarmak - header
The 19th video in our Cultural Relay Project teaching how to cook Beshbarmak - the national dish of Kazakhstan. Consisting of boiled horse or mutton meat, boiled pastry noodles and topped with an onion and broth sauce, Beshbarmak means five fingers in Kazakh due to the way of consuming the food, namely with the hand. Watch our new video to learn how to bring a little Kazakh culture into your kitchen...
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Road Stories #39: Staying with the loveliest criminal in Kazakhstan

It was time to head south again back across the steppe. But first we wanted to drop in on our new friend we had meet on our previous hitchhike north. Artyom was one of the most hospitable guys you could ever imagine but he had a darker side which we soon learnt about...
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Road Stories #37: The highs and lows of hitchhiking across the steppe (+VIDEO)

Hitchhiking across the steppe - header
The highs and lows of hitchhiking across the steppe: We set off on the unforgiving journey of travelling between Kazakhstan's two biggest cities across grassland as far as the eye can see. We break up the journey in Karaganda by staying with perhaps the last person you would expect to find in this hostile environment...
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Road Stories #36: Turning 30 in Almaty

Hills surrounding Almaty, Kazakhstan - header
Getting old is what happens to other people, people with less luck, past it actors, rock stars, my parents, everybody else, just not me... How will Jon deal with turning the big 3.0.? Find out as we see in the milestone in Kazahstan's southern capital of Almaty and explore one of Central Asia's coolest and most chic cities
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