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Hi there! We are Ania and Jon, a Polish-English couple, who teach English and hitch-hike their way round the world.


We met in Macedonia; lived in the UK, Poland, France, Norway and Spaintravelled on a Russian cargo ship across the Black Sea; ate cockroaches in Thailand, slept in a mosque in Turkmenistanhiked in a jungle in Malaysia; hitchhiked across the Pamir Highway; got stuck at an unofficial border crossing in Cambodiaparticipated in a traditional supra in Georgia and a wedding party in Tajikistan; got lost in a forest in Albania; swam in the oily Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan; were hosted by a Kosovar businessman and a Kazakh thief; got a lift in a diplomatic car through the Turkish-Greek no-man’s land; visited Karakalpakstanslept in a squat in Madrid; got a lift with an Albanian drug dealer; went to a house party in Armenia;  Jon developed a weird rash in Laos and Ania crashed a motorbike on a Thai island…


We invite you to read our stories and share your own tales with us

We created this blog first and foremost because we love travelling. Our passion for it consumes a large part of our lives and reaching out to like-minded individuals just seems like a natural progression.

We wanted this blog to be a shared experience. It is our hope that by creating this platform by which we, and others, could share our experiences we would all be able to add the common pool of knowledge that will help us all in our further travels. We also wanted to be entertained, because nothing piques our interest like a tale from the road. The people one meets and the places one goes are infinitely stranger when travelling, we are encouraging people to share these with the world.

So we have decided to create a two part blog for all those interested in travelling and more specifically hitch-hiking. In our blog we intend to include practical hitch-hiking information with handy tips to help you get started. We will also provide a means in which people can share their stories and travel photos, so if you have an interesting story and want to participate use the form below:


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