5 Reasons why you should have travel insurance and why IMG Europe is the best option on the market

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Many travellers, especially the more adventurous and budget-orientated ones, are often of the opinion that travel insurance is a redundant extra cost, which we can easily do without. They argue that all you need is a bit of common sense and basic first-aid skills. If you too have the tendency to fall for the wishful thinking trap and believe that bad things only happen to others, you should definitely read why I’m of the opinion that buying travel insurance is extremely important and why the IMG Europe’s GlobeHopper package is the best travel plan available!


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1) Better safe than sorry

Accidents do happen. Of course, having a first aid kit and the knowledge how to use it certainly helps, but you should never overestimate yourself. Even with the best paramedic skills you can’t treat yourself if you lose consciousness. Therefore, you should make sure you have your travel insurance with you and the card is easily accessible, along with the information about your blood group and any allergies you may have.

During our South-East Asia trip, I fell off a motorbike and badly hurt my leg. As we hadn’t bought insurance before departure, I didn’t visit a doctor and treated myself (changing the dressing regularly) until we got back to Europe. I was lucky I didn’t lose my leg. After two weeks, my leg was  badly infected and it took me six month to start walking normally. Of course, I will have an ugly scar for the rest of my life. I don’t have to mention, the final 2 weeks of our trip were ruined as we couldn’t participate in any activities and even going to the toilet was extremely painful.

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Ania after the accident

2) Medical treatment abroad is pricey

You should realise that in most countries medical treatment is very expensive to people who don’t contribute to the system. In some countries even such trivial things as a standard physical examinations can cost you more than your daily budget. Adding the price of medicine on top of that, the amount of money increases to what a budget traveller would rather avoid paying.

3) Your health is priceless

If you decide to travel to developing countries, you should do a bit of research about the state of their health services. In some countries (e.g. Laos) it may not actually be worth using their public system as it may do more harm than good. If that’s the case, consider using a private hospital and don’t fear the costs with your travel insurance.

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Operation room

Photo by: Phalinn Ooi used under Creative Commons 2.0

4) Travelling without insurance is selfish

You are human and therefore you should never act as though you are immortal and immune to diseases and injuries. If you travel without health insurance, you risk ruining not only your own trip, but also your travel companions’, because if something happens to you, they are the ones who will need to pay for your treatment. And if the worse should happen, it would be an extortionate amount of money to ship your body back home, putting your family’s financial future at risk.

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5) Travel insurance is obligatory to get certain visas

Finally, in order to apply for certain visas, you may be asked to show your travel insurance. It all depends on your nationality, the country you are travelling to and the embassy you are applying at, but you will definitely need travel insurance to obtain a Schengen visa and it’s a fact that some people need one to go to Russia or Iran, among other countries.

Passports and visa application form

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Why IMG Europe’s GlobeHopper is the best travel insurance on the market

1) World-wide travel insurance

Many leading travel insurance companies would reject your quote if you decide to travel to countries considered dangerous or those your Ministry of Foreign Affairs dissuades people from visiting. We can tell you that it’s not easy to find an insurer that would cover you in such places as Iran or Turkmenistan.

2) Short- and long-term insurance

For IMG Europe it doesn’t matter if you are travelling for a weekend or for a year. You can even get covered if you are an expat living abroad.

3) No age limit

Travelling is not only for young people, but many insurers consider it risky to cover people aged 70+. This is not the case with IMG Europe.

4) Flexibility

What happens if you buy your insurance and then decide to keep travelling longer? Nothing. With IMG Europe you can renew it for up to 24 months if you originally purchased one month or more. Moreover, you can even buy it after your departure!

5) Freedom of choice

You are free to seek treatment with the hospital or doctor of your choice. That’s especially important in developing countries.

6) They cover citizens of all countries

Some of our Iranian friends told us, they find it difficult to travel abroad as not many companies want to issue them travel insurance and therefore they find it impossible to apply for visas. This is not the case with IMG Europe, they cover everyone.

7)  24/7/365 service for emergencies anywhere in the world

When you’re travelling and a medical emergency occurs, you may not be able to wait for regular business hours. With their on-site medical team, you have 24-hour access to highly qualified coordinators of emergency medical services and international treatment.

8)  International, multilingual customer service centres

Even if English is not your first language, IMG Europe has you covered. With their committed staff of multi-lingual customer service professionals aiming to provide you with all the support you could need in the language of your choice.

9) Perfect for travelling families

IMG Europe will cover your whole family and provide free cover for the first year for a child under 10 years of age. So there really is no need to leave the kids at home! :)IMG Europe logo 2

written by: Ania

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  • great post thoroughly agree. of course – travel insurance is about more than just health, anything can happen whilst you travel!

  • to sie nazywa lokowanie produktu, nie jak w rodzince.pl

  • Great to see something new on your blog! I’m going to check the insurance mentioned, since I’m preparing a bigger comparison of various options to get the best one possible for our Asia trip.

    I also have one healt-related question: did you use any water filters during your last trip? Do you have any tips related to protecting yourself from water-borne diseases?

    Thanks for your help! I’m anticipating more posts here!

    • Glad you found it useful, Ewelina! We have only good things to say about IMG Europe, great insurance company!
      As for a water filter, we used Sawyer Mini and it was simply amazing! It filtered muddy brown water into crystal clear tasty drinkable water! And we never had any stomach problems related with water. We will soon publish a review of the filter with a video showing how brilliantly it works!

      • It’s another time we hear a good opinion about Sawyer and we’re getting quite convinced to get one as well. Looking forward to seeing the review! Continuing the water issue, were there any countries where you could easily get free drinkable water and just drink it from the tap?

  • Thanks for sharing. I’m heading to Southeast Asia later this year and starting to look at everything I need to do. This is a helpful post as I look into getting travel insurance.
    Megan recently posted…Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip – Laguna Beach to VenturaMy Profile

    • Very happy you found it useful, Megan! We have been to South-East Asia before and travelling with insurance is very much necessary there. You cannot really trust their health care facilities, especially in Laos!

  • Sounds like a great option indeed!
    Amélie recently posted…HOW THE HELL DO I AFFORD TO TRAVEL?My Profile

  • I am blown away that anyone would contemplate travel without insurance. I really enjoyed your post and concur, I would think those few extra bucks before you hit the road are completely worth the comfort that you are covered should something happen.

  • I agree that you should at least travel with medical insurance. Our home plan covers us Internationally, but everyone should check and make sure before traveling. If nothing else, it gives peace of mind if something does happen, and eventually it will.
    Laura recently posted…Where to Eat & Drink in Havana, Cuba – and what to order!My Profile

  • I have to say, the doctor in the picture looks a little sketchy to me…lol. Otherwise, I agree 100%. In fact I have travel insurance for health and dental through my full time job but in addition I always pay extra when ever possible for flight insurance and I always check my cancelation option for my accommodations. Lastly, Through my home insurance I get coverage on items that are not only in my house but on items I bring with me when over seas. So if things get stolen while over seas (phone, camera etc) I can get it back. Insurance all the way!!!
    Christopher recently posted…10 Travel Tips for First Timers in LondonMy Profile

  • Just in time! I am looking for a perfect travel insurance in Europe. Thanks for sharing, guys!
    Trisha Velarmino recently posted…South America Travel BudgetMy Profile

  • Thanks for posting this. People just cannot hear it enough that they need insurance regardless of the cost or hassle. People just take for granted so many times that they won’t get sick or be in an accident, if they even think about it at all. I agree with you in that Europe pretty much does everything better in my book.
    melody pittman recently posted…Visit the Florida Aquarium- Family Fun in TampaMy Profile

  • Great post – some countries are actually starting to make it obligatory for a regular tourist visit too. Like Cuba, you can’t get in without proof of insurance, and if you rock up without it they make you purchase it from the local provider.

    Fabulous to see someone promoting the importance of travel insurance – I’ve always been of the belief that if you can’t afford the insurance, you can’t afford to travel. Not worth the risk.
    Meg Jerrard recently posted…Forget What Your Mother Told You About Jumping in Cars With StrangersMy Profile

  • Glad you got back home safe and got a real treatment. We found it hard as Austrians to find the right travel insurance. Some were only for Australians, other only for Germans. The Germans would even write in their policies it’s not for Austrians. Finally, we found one. I would never travel without. It’s not only about you and your behavior, there are just too many things you can’t influence. Like other people on the motorbike, cars, the traffic in Asia is just insane. I got sinusitis on this trip around the world, and I probably didn’t have a clue for months. Once, I discovered, something was wrong I went to the hospital 3 x and it was quite expensive, my insurance covered it all. That’s something that could happen to anyone after a cold. And everyone handles different climate zones differently. Never heard of this insurance. Will take a look at it for the next time!
    Melanie recently posted…How To Spend A Relaxed Christmas in Chiang MaiMy Profile

  • Number four hit me hard. Not necessarily for my travel companion but for my daughter. Without insurance, I could be delayed treatment or worse. I have a child to think about above all and insurance is part of that.
    Lesley recently posted…Fly in a T6 Warbird is Checked Off of My 2016 Bucket ListMy Profile

  • Insurance is often overlooked. I have been thankful for mine many times. It is a necessary evil when travelling. I will check out IMG next time I need some.
    Jennifer Melroy recently posted…Exploring Canadian Immigration at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21My Profile

  • hi im currently in the us ( citizen of the uk ) and i’m here for 2 months, i’ve had a quote for around £175 from img for my cover, does that sound about right? ( i’m new to travelling as i’m only 18 and forgot to purchase insurance, and as i’m already here i’m not sure what to do, or what package to purchase)

  • I renewed my IMG insurance 3 times. Never a claim until now. On July I’ve claimed my visit to the doctor. I am still waiting for them to review it and keep emailing them, this is their reply:

    Your claim is currently under review. Apologies for the delay we are currently experiencing higher than normal claim volumes. We will contact you shortly when this review has been processed.


    I doubt I will have my money back.
    Not recommended at all.