Hitchhiking in Kazakhstan video compilation

Kazakhstan is much more than just 804,500 square kilometres of steppe. It is also fascinating culture, tasty food and unexpected hospitality! And hitchhiking in Kazakhstan, as in all the other Central Asian countries, proved to be quite easy.

During our recent visit to the country, where we spent around 3 weeks, we covered 3014 km by thumb. We were picked up by 23 lovely people, which means that each driver took us on average for 131 km!

Have a look at our short hitchhiking compilation video from Kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan in videos

If you are interested in Kazakh culture culture we strongly recommend watching all our videos devoted to it:

Learning how to make beshbarmak in Almaty

Learning how to make beshbarmak in Almaty

Our hitchhiking adventures in Kazakhstan

If you’d rather read about our adventures than watch videos, here you will find everything that happened to us in Kazakhstan:

  • Hitchhiking the Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border – Our experience heading out of the beautiful Kyrgyzstan into the, as yet, undiscovered vastness of Kazakhstan. Would we survive the hectic border crossing without elbowing a pushy old lady in the face? Read on to see if we kept our cool…
  • Turning 30 in Almaty – Getting old is what happens to other people, people with less luck, past it actors, rock stars, my parents, everybody else, just not me… How will Jon deal with turning the big 3.0.? Find out as we see in the milestone in Kazahstan’s southern capital of Almaty and explore one of Central Asia’s coolest and most chic cities
  • The highs and lows of hitchhiking across the steppe – The highs and lows of hitchhiking across the steppe: We set off on the unforgiving journey of travelling between Kazakhstan’s two biggest cities across grassland as far as the eye can see. We break up the journey in Karaganda by staying with perhaps the last person you would expect to find in this hostile environment…
  • Hitchhiking to Astana – the futuristic capital of Kazakhstan – We finally manage to conquer the seemingly never ending steppe and we meet a very interesting character on route. Then we explore Astana, the futuristic capital of Kazakhstan with maybe the loveliest people in the whole country…
  • Staying with the loveliest criminal in Kazakhstan – It was time to head south again back across the steppe. But first we wanted to drop in on our new friend we had meet on our previous hitchhike north. Artyom was one of the most hospitable guys you could ever imagine but he had a darker side which we soon learnt about…

Kazakh culture and traditions

Learn more about the culture of Kazakh:

  • How to play Bielka – a Kazakh card game – Learn how to play Bielka, a popular card game from the ex-Soviet Union. It’s the 18th video in our Cultural Relay Project and we had a lot of fun recording it in Astana. Take a look and learn from our Kazakh friends.
  • How to cook Beshbarmak – the Kazakh national dish – The 19th video in our Cultural Relay Project teaching how to cook Beshbarmak – the national dish of Kazakhstan. Consisting of boiled horse or mutton meat, boiled pastry noodles and topped with an onion and broth sauce, Beshbarmak means five fingers in Kazakh due to the way of consuming the food, namely with the hand. Watch our new video to learn how to bring a little Kazakh culture into your kitchen…
  • 10 Observations on Kazakhstan culture and society – Our subjective impressions from this vast, friendly and contrasting land. Information on family life, the Russian influence, language, religion, hospitality, food & drink and why it is bad to whistle…
Kazakh wedding

Kazakh wedding. Photo by Jerome Taylor. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

Practical information for every budget traveller in Kazakhstan


  • How to get a Kazakhstan visa in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – All the useful information you need about getting your Kazakhstan visa in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: required documents, embassy opening times, cost, waiting time and the best way of getting to the embassy using public transport.

Hitchhiking in Kazakhstan video


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