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In this week’s post we welcome our new contributor Jessie, who reveals some handy tips regarding traveling to Paphos, one of Cyprus’ top destinations listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site…

Picking a destination for a holiday can take a little bit of time and effort, but the more time you spend on planning, the better your holiday is likely to turn out. For those planning a European trip, Cyprus is a prime destination as it offers a unique mix of historical sites, stunning beaches, and its own cultural flair. Paphos is one of Cyprus’ big tourist draws, and if you happen to be headed to this city and are wondering what you need to know upon arrival, here are some important things to keep in mind.

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Things to Know When Traveling to Paphos

1. Everything is closed on Sunday

Throughout the week and on Saturday, Paphos is a vibrant city of shops, cafés, restaurants, and bars designed to impress travelers. But come Sunday everyone closes up shop and the place can feel almost like a ghost town. So if you’re planning on spending some time in Paphos and want to enjoy all its great offerings, be sure not to show-up on a Sunday.

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2. Consider staying in a villa

A little research into the costs of renting villas in Cyprus as opposed to hotel rooms shows a decent amount of savings should you choose the former. The cost of hotel rooms here has increased quite a lot over recent years and if you shop around for a comparable villa you could save somewhere around 50% off of your costs for accommodations.

3. Take a boat tour

One of the great parts of being on a stunning island such as Cyprus is the opportunity to view it from the sea, and there are plenty of great boat tours available for a variety of different prices and with a variety of different luxuries and amenities available.

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4. Visit the Tomb of the Kings

The necropolis known as the Tombs of the Kings lies just two kilometres from the harbour of Paphos, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors will marvel at the Doric columns and frescoed walls, which almost appear like they were the homes as opposed to the tombs of the wealthy aristocrats who were buried here. Be sure to bring plenty of water on this trip, as it is both a dusty and hot adventure.

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5. Go where the locals go

Cypriot cooking is a delicious and unique experience that is not to be missed. If you decide to eat out in Paphos, which you most likely will as there are plenty of good dining options to be had, try discovering a local favourite— somewhere local people like to enjoy a traditional meal is always a good bet.


Bamies Laderes – by Robert Kindermann. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons

Whether it’s your first time visiting Cyprus or you’re headed back for another wonderful time, by following some of these easy tips you’re bound enjoy yourself.

written by: Jessie Stein

Jessie Stein is an avid traveller, beach lover and budget-deals addict. She loves visiting UNESCO sites all around the world and trying local cuisine wherever she goes.

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  • I’ve heard so much about Paphos because of it’s historical and cultural features, but it sounds like the food is definitely something I need to try! Thanks for sharing the tips!