Hitchhiking in Tajikistan video compilation

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Hitchhiking in Tajikistan

Hitchhiking in Tajikistan was a wonderful adventure and we had a great time learning about local traditions of this unique country and being surrounded by the stunning nature.

Hitchhiking in the west of the country was childishly easy and people were always most happy to help you, invite you to their home or show you around. Thumbing across the Pamir Highway was challenging due to the bad road conditions and scarce traffic but it was made up by the incredible hospitality of the local people.

In total we covered in Tajikistan 1833 km and were picked up by 32 amazing people, which means that on average one driver took us for 57 km.

Tajikistan in videos

If you are interested in Tajik culture culture we strongly recommend watching all our videos devoted to it:

Murghab, Tajikistan (64)

Our hitchhiking adventures in Tajikistan

If you’d rather read about our adventures than watch videos, here you will find everything that happened to us in Tajikistan:

Iskanderkul Lake, Tajikistan (47)

Stunning natural places of interest

Check out the most beautiful corners of Tajikistan in our photos. There is much more to come so watch this space as we will keep updating it!

  • Kayrakkum Reservoir – Located 15 km east of the major northern Tajik city of Khujand, the Kayrakkum Reservoir is a must for budding photographers, providing sparkling, icy blue waters with a dramatic mountain backdrop. Check out our photos of this stunning place!
  • Iskanderkul Lake – Iskanderkul lake has it all and is a breathtaking landscape for those who make the effort to get to one of Tajikistan’s most hard to reach jewels. Set at 2195m above sea level, it is a great introduction to the Fann Mountains as the scenery along the winding dirt road is spectacular in itself.

Iskanderkul Lake, Tajikistan (34)

Tajik culture and traditions

Learn more about the culture of Tajikistan:

Ania with a Tajik girl, Khorog, Tajikistan

Practical information for every budget traveller in Tajikistan


  • How to get a Tajikistan visa in Tashkent, Uzbekistan – All the useful information you need about getting your Tajikistan visa in Tashkent: required documents, embassy opening times, cost, waiting time and the best way of getting to the embassy using public transport.
  • How to get a GBAO permit for the Pamirs in Dushanbe – All the useful information you need about getting your GBAO permit in Dushanbe: what is the GBAO? Where does it cover? OVIR opening times, info + maps and alternative options should you fail the official way…


Hitchhiking in Tajikistan VIDEO compilation



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