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Hitchhiking in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan was an amazing country, rich in culture and history and absolutely stunning in terms of monuments! Hitchhiking there was also quite easy as long as you explained first that you don’t have money to pay, as Uzbek people are quite used to the private taxi system and everyone is a potential taxi driver if you pay them. After making this straight, we usually had no problem to thumb a lift for free, but it definitely helps to know some Russian.

During our trip we covered 1582 km by thumb and were picked up by 25 awesome drivers! So on average every driver took us for 63 km.

Check out our video compilation from the trip and below you will find a directory of all the posts we have written about Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan in videos

If you are interested in Uzbek culture culture we strongly recommend watching all our videos devoted to it:

Po-i-Kalyan Mosque, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Our hitchhiking adventures in Uzbekistan

If you’d rather read about our adventures than watch videos, here you will find everything that happened to us in Uzbekistan:

  • From Konye-Urgench to Nukus –  our stay in an unexpected place in Konye-Urgench, our experiences crossing the Turkmenistan–Uzbekistan border and our first experiences in the 4th country on our travels, where we encounter a friendly stranger and make our first foray into changing the impossibly numerous Uzbek sum.
  • From Nukus to Urgench – Nukus, not the world’s most attractive city, was our first introduction to Karakalpakstan – the stan with a stan and its colourful culture. We also went to a Soviet avant-garde art gallery and took a trip to ballet. Want to see us get all cultured up, then read on…
  • From Urgench to Bukhara – Urgench was our gateway to the gems of the Silk Road. Join us as we visit the magical Khiva, get schooled at ping-pong and get drunk with an Uzbek grandfather. After all this, we hit the road to Bukhara via a bad drop off and a roadside pony just waiting to be ridden. Interested? Then read on …
  • From Bukhara to Shahrisabz – We arrived in Bukhara hostless and lost but soon fell in love with Uzbekistan’s most beautiful city. Also, a hitchhike with a twist as we meet unimaginable kindness …
  • From Shahrisabz to Samarkand – The first shock was a city in chaos and a hostel that most definitely didn’t exist. A guardian angel helped us find a bed, however, and we set out to explore the rubble. And what to do if a guy insists on paying for a taxi …
  • From Samarkand to Tashkent – Featuring accommodation highs, hanging out with some really cool senior citizens (when did we get so old?) and exploring one of the silk road’s gems.
  • Failures! (Tian Shan Mountains) – While waiting for our Tajik visas to start we escape the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, heading north and attempting to hike through a mountain pass and end up going swimming in the dark…

Charvak, Uzbekistan

Monuments and places of interest

Check out the most beautiful corners of Uzbekistan in our photos. There is much more to come so watch this space as we will keep updating it!

  • Itchan Kala, Khiva – Itchan Kala is the walled inner city of the silk road city of Khiva in Uzbekistan, which was once the last stop before Iran for caravans following the trade routes from China. The space is a magical place of more than 50 monuments and over 250 traditional dwellings and is arguably the finest collection of Muslim architecture anywhere in Central Asia…
  • Registan, Samarkand – To some the Registan is the finest sight in all of Central Asia and is isn’t hyperbole to say that you must see this place before you die. Boasting three of the oldest medressas anywhere in the world, the open planned square is the centre of the UNESCO city of Samarkand and is a playground for photographers…

Char Minar, Bukhara, Uzbekistan


Uzbek culture and traditions

Learn more about the culture of Uzbekistan through our articles:

  • Karakalpakstan – the stan within a stan – Have you ever heard of Karakalpakstan – the stan within a stan? If not read all about this lonely and desolate region of Uzbekistan with pointers on the local culture, traditions and some strange believes. Also, information on the Aral Sea disaster and its implications on the local population
  • How to make Uzbek tuhum barak – While in Uzbekistan we had a unique opportunity to learn how to make one of the oldest Uzbek dishes, tuhum barak, as part of our Cultural Relay Project. Tuhum barak is a simple and quick to make dish that would enrich any world cuisine lover!
  • 8 Observations on Uzbekistan culture and society – Our subjective impressions from this culturally rich land: family life, cuisine, politics and more… Have you been to Uzbekistan? Would you agree? What else should be added? What else has drawn your attention?

Bread stamps, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Practical information for every budget traveller in Uzbekistan


  • How to organise your Uzbekistan visa in Turkey – In this post you will find all the useful information you need about getting your Uzbekistan visa in Ankara: required documents, embassy opening times, cost, waiting time and the best way of getting to the embassy using public transport.
  • How to get a Tajik visa in Tashkent – All the useful information you need about getting your Tajikistan visa in Tashkent, Uzbekistan: required documents, embassy opening times, cost, waiting time and the best way of getting to the embassy using public transport.
  • Topchan Hostel, Tashkent – the best hostel in Central Asia – Want to know what makes Topchan Hostel in Tashkent, Uzbekistan the best hostel in Central Asia? Then you’d better read our review! Maybe it’s the friendly the staff? Or perhaps, the communal atmosphere fostered over endless cups of free tea? It might even be the fact that it’s the cheapest hostel in town …

Hitchhiking in Uzbekistan - VIDEO compilation


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