Topchan Hostel, Tashkent, Uzbekistan – The best hostel in Central Asia

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Topchan Hostel, Tashkent

When we recommend hostels here at Hitch-Hikers Handbook you know that they will fulfil certain criteria that is important to us.

They must be friendly, they must be in a good location, they must be clean and they must, must be cheap.

Topchan hostel covers all these bases and more, and so we feel no hesitation in naming it the best hostel in Central Asia, and here’s why…

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What makes it great

Topchan Hostel, Tashkent, Uzbekistan (3)Topchan is run by a collective of couchsurfing veterans (so you know the staff are friendly) but your contact man will invariably be Rafa. Rafa’s English is near perfect, a result of his time spend in Jon‘s neck of the woods in south London, and he is always on hand to help with any traveller problems. The communal atmosphere is aided by the well stocked kitchen which is ideal for cooking up a storm as well as the relaxed sitting areas where guests are encouraged to talk to each other over endless supplies of free tea. The music is good but not offensively loud and the ping pong table is also a bonus (please note that Rafa is good so don’t make my mistake and be overly confident – I was crushed… repeatedly).


Topchan Hostel, Tashkent, Uzbekistan (8)The hostel offers dorm beds for all at the extremely cheap price of $12, a double room for $28 or a triple room for $42. Try finding somewhere cheaper in the city, trust us it’s impossible. You can take breakfast for a reasonable $2 and as mentioned the kitchen facilities are available for all to use.

Wifi is free to use (although it isn’t unlimited like in the west so be nice and avoid downloading movies). There are boardgames to enjoy and for smokers there is an invaluable smoking room outback which removes the need to trawl out to the street every time you want to smoke. Cyclists are more than welcome and you can leave your bicycle inside for no extra fee. The toilets are squat but as the interesting piece on the back of the door informs you, it is much better for your body this way! Also the showers are clean and hot water is guaranteed throughout the day.

There is also a washing machine which can be used for  the equivalent of 2$.

How to get to the hostel

Topchan Hostel, Tashkent, Uzbekistan (5)From the Train Station (Vokzal): take bus #22, tram #13 from outside the train station to the Zelenij Bazaar junction. After getting off, turn right (south-west) next to the Orion Medicity clinic and walk 50m following the tram tracks. Topchan is on the right. Alternatively you can take a taxi but you will have to pay around 3000 SOM.

From the airport: Transport is a little trickier so your best bet is a taxi. If you bargain hard you should be able to secure the ride for 5000 SOM.

Map of Topchan hostel and transport links


Name: Topchan Hostel
Address: 104, 8-Marta street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Phone: +99890 3552949
Price: Dorm Bed – $12 / Double Room – $28

written by: Jon

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