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While in Uzbekistan we had a unique opportunity to learn how to make one of the oldest Uzbek dishes, tuhum barak, as part of our Cultural Relay Project. Tuhum barak is a simple and quick to make dish that would enrich any world cuisine lover!

What is tuhum barak?

Tuhum barak is one of the oldest and most traditional Uzbek dishes, which today is most popular in the Khorezm region. As its literal translation suggests (‘tuhum‘ = egg, ‘barak‘ =boil), the dish consists of pastry envelopes which are filled with beaten raw egg and then boiled. Some versions include also green herbs added to the egg and it is usually served with butter or sour cream. In many ways they resemble Polish pierogi (stuffed dumplings) in the way they are cooked and served.

Legend has it that tuhum barak was the Khans of Uzbekistan’s ‘secret weapon’ and was usually served to them before a visit to the harem. Who knows, maybe it is the healthiest viagra replacement there is?

How to make tuhum barak - step by step VIDEO recipe

Tuhum barak: the ingredients

For the dough:

– 1 egg
– 500 g flour
– 250 g of boiled cold water
– salt to taste

For the filling:

– 7-8 eggs
– 150 ml of melted butter
– 10 tablespoons of milk
– 5 tablespoons of sesame or sunflower oil
– salt and pepper to taste
– spring onion, dill, parsley, coriander (optional)

To serve:

butter / sour cream (kefir) / sugar

With Babur and his mum

How to make tuhum barak

1) In a bowl pour the water, add the egg, salt and flour and mix until solid

2) Leave the dough for minimum 15 minutes to settle

3) Cut the dough into strips and roll them out

4) Cut the dough rolls into 2 cm slices

5) Flatten the slices with your thumb

6) Put the flattened slices in a plastic bag to prevent them from getting dry

7) Take them out piece by piece and roll them out into very thin circles

8) In a little bowl mix some water and salt. Spread this water on the edges of each circle (but not all the way round)  and stick both sides together making sure there is a little hole in the middle where you will pour the egg later

9) To make the filling, whisk the remaining eggs together

10) Add 10 tablespoons of milk and mix

11) Add 5 tablespoons of oil and some salt to taste and mix. Here you can also add some green herbs and pepper if you like

12) In a large pot boil some water and add some salt to it

13) Take each of the pre-made envelopes, fill it with the egg mixture through the hole. Then close it and put it in the boiling water. Reduce the heat.

14) When the dumplings rise to the top they are ready

15) Using a large spoon with holes, take them out and put them in a bowl with cold water for a few seconds to cool them down

16) Serve with sour cream, butter or sugar

We found Uzbekistan cuisine to be the richest and most varied out of all the Central Asian countries. Have you been to Uzbekistan? What was your favourite dish? 

written by: Ania

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