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Hitchhiking in Iran

Iran exceeded our expectations! We were received with unforgettable kindness and hospitality and simply fell in love with Persians, their culture, food and language!

During our hitchhiking trip we covered 3420 km by thumb and were picked up by 33 wonderful drivers, which means that on average one driver took us for 104 km!

Hitchhiking in Iran was childishly easy and we had a great time speaking to people, cooking food, learning to dance, play instruments and visiting monuments. Well, you can see it all in the video compilation below.

Iran in videos

If you are interested in Iranian culture culture we strongly recommend watching all our videos devoted to it:

Hitchhiking to Zanjan

Our hitchhiking adventures in Iran

If you’d rather read about our adventures than watch videos, here you will find everything that happened to us in Iran:

  • From Doğubeyazıt to Tabrizcrossing the Turkey-Iran border. Interested to see if they noticed that we didn’t have a guide?
  • From Tabriz to Zanjan – staying with two star crossed lovers and learning about ‘white marriage’, a common arrangement between Iranian couples
  • From Zanjan to Tehran – meeting a famous Iranian comedian and racing against another couple to hitchhike to the capital. Curious to see who won?
  • From Tehran to Isfahan – taking a look at the Den of Espionage, being invited to an Iranian house for a tasty national dish and being picked up by the police near the Imam Khomeini’s tomb as we tried to leave the city…
  • From Isfahan to Shiraz – want to see what happens when couchsurfing goes wrong? Or what a busman’s holiday looks like? Or perhaps the reason why we were looking at a selection of prostitutes shaking their arses on a mobile phone? Then read on …
  • From Shiraz to Yazd – join us as we have the time of our lives in Shiraz and during our first hitchhike across a desert
  • From Yazd to Tabas – we explore the unique architecture of the hottest city in Iran and learn more about the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. Then we get back into desert hitchhiking as we search out the town of Tabas and take a photo that would be the source of trouble a few days later …
  • From Tabas to Mashhad – a huge Nowruz (Iranian New Year) let-down in Tabas, a photo that could have been the source of some serious trouble and a day of hitchhiking mistakes as we try to get to Iran’s second largest city
  • From Mashhad to Ashgabat – partying hard in Iran’s holiest city and setting off to sleep next to the Iran-Turkmenistan border where we encountered drones and hail storms…

Jon hithhiking out of Tabas

Monuments and places of interest

Check out the most beautiful corners of Iran in our photos and videos:

  • Kandovan village – visiting a village where you can find still inhabited homes cut into the volcanic rocks. We were lucky enough to get invited into one of these houses as well…
  • Bazaar of Tabriz – situated in the heart of the ancient city of Tabriz, the UNESCO listed Bazaar is one of the oldest and definitely one of the most atmospheric markets in the Middle East…
  • Golestan Palace – visiting the oldest historical attraction in Tehran
  • Imam Khomeini Mosque – a masterpiece of Persian design and arguably the finest example of Islamic architecture anywhere in Iran
  • The bridges of Isfahan – some of Isfahan’s finest architecture spans the Zayandeh River, contributing to the breathtaking images already abundant in Iran’s prettiest city
  • Naqsh-e Jahan Square – it is one of the greatest construction project in history. The magnificent UNESCO listed square is surrounded by four of Isfahan’s most important buildings and is a joy to behold
  • Persepolis – Persepolis (meaning the city of Persians) is one of Iran’s top tourist destinations and a breathtaking attraction
  • Yazd old town – Losing yourself in the maze of mud bricked lanes of the ancient city of Yazd is one of the highlights of any trip to Iran. Explore the narrow winding alleys and search out the simple courtyards, covered walkways and ornately carved wooden doors that make it such an atmospheric place …

Tomb of 12 imams, Yazd, Iran

Iranian culture and traditions

Learn more about Persian culture through our articles and videos:

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Practical information for every budget traveller in Iran

Hitchhiking to Tehran


Hitchhiking in Iran


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