How to make Iranian Dizi (Abgoosht)

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Abgoosht (lit. water-meat), or dizi as it is commonly known, is a filling Iranian stew traditional for the working classes. Dizi, is more correctly the name of the clay pot in which it is cooked, but everybody we met in the country referred to the meal as such.

Cooking dizi is not a quick process, usually taking over 6 hours to prepare, but it is definitely worth the wait! It is a staple dish in Iran and can be found in every home and restaurant in all parts of the country.

What you need to cook Dizi

– 1 x Dizi clay pot or any other clay pot (or a pressure cooker if you want to make it in just 2h).
– 1 bowl per person
– Dizi masher
– lamb
– chickpeas
– white beans (but kidney beans or black-eyed peas can be used)
– onion
– potatoes
– tomatoes
– turmeric
– pickled grapes (a strange one but that’s what we used. Dried lime is also frequently used, apparently)
– salt & pepper

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How to cook Dizi

1) Soak the beans and chickpeas in water (ideally the day before), changing the water when necessary (until it’s clean).

2) Chop the onions, peel the potatoes

3) Add onions, meat, chickpeas, white beans, tumeric and salt & pepper to the dizi pot

4) Fill dizi pot with water

5) Cook on low heat for 5 hours

6) Add tomatoes and potatoes to dizi pot and cook for another hour

7) Serve :)

In the below video our Iranian host Ali showed us how to make this delicious meal. It it pretty easy! Take a look:

How to eat Dizi

Eating dizi has its own individual technique which takes some mastering at first. Firstly strain the water into your bowl, leaving all the filling still inside the dizi pot. Add lots of ripped bread to the broth, ideally the Iranian bread Sangkak, and eat this part first. When finished, go back to dizi pot and mash all the ingredients together. Then eat this part by smearing it onto the remaining Sangkak. If it all sounds a bit too difficult and you find yourself in a restaurant, simply ask the waiter to help.

written by: Jon

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  • It seems like during these 6 hours there was some drinking going on :D But untrue that you can get obgusht in every restaurant – many of them don’t serve it, but everytime you ask, the bartender will guide you to the right place and what more – he will be extremely happy that you know the name of their traditional dish!