Hitchhiking in Turkey VIDEO compilation

Hitchhiking in Turkey summary

Turkey was the first country on our Long Way Home, a trip during which we will be trying to hitchhike over 27,000 km from Ankara back to Europe. It was our third visit to the country and our love for it can be proved by the amount of posts we have written about its monuments, culture and society.

Here is a short VIDEO compilation from our most recent 3-week stay in Turkey.

During our most recent visit to the country we covered 1612 km and hitchhiked with 25 wonderful drivers, which means that on average each person took us for 65 km!

Turkey in videos

If you are interested in Turkish culture we strongly recommend watching all our videos devoted to it:

View from Ishak Pasha Palace, Dogubeyazit, Turkey (5)

Our hitchhiking adventures in Turkey

If you’d rather read about our adventures than watch videos, here you will find everything that happened to us in Turkey:

  • From Ankara to Trabzon – the beginning of our journey and our adventures while hitchhiking between the capital of the country and along the Black Sea Coast
  • Hitchhiking in the Pontic Mountains – a story about our short trip to the mountains where we nearly got stuck in the middle of the winter!
  • From Trabzon to Erzurum – our dodgy stay in Trabzon, a short escape to Rize where we learn loads about Turkish food culture and onwards to the coldest place in the country.
  • From Erzurum to Doğubayazıt – our stay in Erzurum, where we tried to learn some local dances, taught a Turkish man how to make an English pie and learnt how to prepare traditional Turkish coffee. Then we hitchhiked to Doğubayazıt and spread some spicy tunes.
  • From Doğubayazıt to Tabriz – our stay in Doğubayazıt, our failed attempt to visit the Ishak Pasha Palace and perhaps our most intimidating hitchhike yet, trying to cross the Turkey-Iran border. Interested to see if they noticed that we didn’t have a guide? Then read on and find out how it all went …

Orjin restaurant, Trabzon, Turkey

Turkish culture and traditions

Turkey street scenes 29

Practical information for every budget traveller in Turkey

Hitchhiking to Sumela Monastery, Turkey (3)



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  • Guys! You leave me open-mouthed with the tones of work you are able to produce on the move! Wow! Will need a few afternoons to read it all :) Keep sharing, and happy hitchhiking!

    • Thanks, guys! The problem with producing such an amount of work is that we are really behind! We are now in Tajikistan and just finished writing about Turkey ;) But we will catch up one day, I hope…