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Ishak Pasha Palace

Perched high up on a mountain plateau 6km south-east of Doğubeyazıt, sits the stunning, semi-ruined Ishak Pasha Palace. This atypical Ottoman palace was constructed at the end of the 18th century and is the result of a blend of architectural styles, incorporating Turkish, Georgian, Seljuk, Armenian, and Persian elements to create a wonderfully dramatic building.

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Main features

After passing around the elegant exterior façades and entering the elaborate main entrance you will enter into the first courtyard, which would have been the public space of the palace. The second courtyard, which was for the strict use of family and special guests, contains the entrances to haremlik (harem quarter), selamlık (men’s quarter), guards’ lodgings and granaries. Furthermore, within the courtyard lies a tomb decorated with Seljuk carvings and Persian reliefs and some steps leading down to the mausoleum.

Passing through the haremlik, leads to the living quarters and dining room, which is beautifully designed with Seljuk influences stone work, Armenian floral reliefs and Georgian inspired intricate columns. Also within this section lies the hamam (bath) and rooms offering wonderful views across the valley below.

Entrance to the selamlık is obtained via the hall for ceremonies and entertainment, once you have crossed this, further buildings include a library, terrace and charming mosque which has retained many of its original ceiling frescos.

Ishak Pasha Palace, Dogubeyazit, Turkey

Visiting Ishak Pasha Palace

Opening times: Tue – Sun: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Price: TL5
How to get there: In summer, mini-buses (TL 1.50) can be taken from the city centre. Out of peak season taxis (TL15 to TL20 one way; TL25 to TL30 return) are an option but we hitch-hiked there and back without any problems.




Ishak Pasha Palace

written by: Jon

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