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Turkish Coffee (Türk kahvesi)

Turkish coffee is somewhat of an oddity as any traveller to Turkey can tell you that tea is the king here and coffee comes very much second. Nevertheles,s Turkish coffee is considered an integral part of the Turkish Cultural Heritage by UNESCO so in our opinion it is deservedly included as the 3rd part of our Cultural Relay Project.

Turkish coffee is a way of preparing finely ground coffee beans and not a type of coffee in itself. It is a thick, usually sweet, coffee drunk in small cups and is made using a specific pot called a cezve.

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What you need to make Turkish coffee:

1 cezve – a narrow-topped small boiling pot traditionally made from copper

coffee – very finely ground

sugar (optional but tastes a lot better with it)

1 teaspoon – smaller than in many countries with dimensions of 1 cm (0.4 inches) long and 0.5 cm (0.2 inches) wide

Turkish coffee cups – traditional without a handle and drunk either by handling the cup with the fingertips or, more often, by placing the cup in a zarf, a metal container with a handle.

The key to good Turkish coffee is boiling it on a low to medium heat to give the coffee enough time to diffuse in the water. It is also advisable to roast the coffee just before preparation to get the best effect. There is also an art in scooping the foam into the cup just before boiling but the best way to learn this is to join Mehmet, the next participant in our Cultural Relay Project and our host in Erzurum, who, in the video below, talks you through how to make the perfect cup of Turkish coffee. Enjoy!

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