How to drink wine using a traditional Spanish porrón

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A porrón is a communal drinking vessel popular in the northern Spanish regions of Aragón and Catalonia. Its unique and elegant shape enables a group of people to hygienically share a bottle of wine by removing the need to touch it with the lips. Furthermore, its narrow top and spout keep the wine fresh as well as helping to create the characteristic pour.

Interestingly, George Orwell wasn’t a fan, describing the ‘dreadful thing called a porrón’ in his ‘Homage to Catalonia’ as ‘altogether too like bed-bottles especially when they were filled with white wine.’

How to drink wine using a Spanish porrón

Our first experience with this traditional way of consuming wine was at a traditional Catalan calçotada which takes place at the beginning of spring across the whole region. The event is typified by eating calçots (a type of onion) roasted on a barbecue and eaten with a unique and delicious sauce called salvitxada which is similar to romesco sauce.

The porrón takes some time to master and, as the video demonstrates, beginners usually splatter themselves in the attempt. In the second video of our Cultural Relay Project you can enjoy our hilarious efforts to teach Özkan below …


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