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Podgorica Airport is located 11km south of the city in the district of Golubovci. It is one of only two international airport in Montenegro as is the main hub for the flag carrying Montenegro Airlines who provide connections to Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Vienna & Zurich. Other significant airlines and routes include Ryanair (Brussels & London), Air Serbia (Belgrade) & Turkish Airlines (Istanbul).

Podgorica Train Station (Željeznička stanica Podgorica: Trg golootočkih žrtava 7) can be found south of the Ribnica river around 15min walk from the city centre. There are frequent domestic trains to Bar and Nikšić (2.40–3.60€), 3 trains daily to Bijelo Polje (5.20–7.60€) and a once daily international train to Belgrade in Serbia (19.20–28.80€). More details about train times and costs can be found here.

Podgorica Main Bus Station (Autobuska stanica Podgorica: 1 Trg Golootočkih Žrtava) is situated very close to the train station and a short walk from the city centre. There are numerous domestic connections including Cetinje (4-6€), Hercegnovi (8-9€) and Kotor (7€) and international services to Sarajevo, Bosnia (16.30–17.40€), Belgrade, Serbia (18–24.50€) Skopje, Macedonia (26.50–31.50€) and Dubrovnik (15€) & Zagreb (48€) in Croatia. A full list of domestic buses out of Podgorica can be found here.

Podgorica hitchhiking and transport info

The bus system in Podgorica is limited to 11 urban and 16 suburban bus lines. Tickets cost 0.80€ but the whole system suffers from a lack of investment and private bus companies and taxis are more frequently used to move around the city.

Due to its importance and location, Podgorica lies at the centre of all the major roads in Montenegro. The south-east running E762 heads to the Albanian border and onto the city of Shkodër. The E65, heads north-east out of Podgorica on its way to Mojkovac and beyond to Serbia and central Europe. The continuation of the E762, runs north-west to Nikšić, before continuing to Bosnia and onto western Europe. Heading west to Cetinje is the M-2.3 and to go south west to Bar take the E80.

Podgorica Hitchhiking Out

Hitchhiking out of Podgorica really couldn’t be simpler. The capital city’s small size means that reaching the edge shouldn’t take you too long, although heading north-east is by far the trickiest destination by which to travel.

North towards Niksic & Durmitor National Park

To reach the hitchhiking spot on the E762, take buses #E1, #E6, #60 or #68 from the centre to Delta City shopping centre (or alternatively a 25min walk). Walk away from the centre along Cetinjski put until you meet a large roundabout. Turn right, walk about 350m, until you see a good area to start thumbing.

West towards Cetinje, Budvar & Kotor

Take buses #E1, #E6, #60 or #68 from the centre to Delta City shopping centre (or alternatively a 25min walk). Walk away from the centre along Cetinjski put until you meet a large roundabout, continue straight and start hitchhiking from the other side.

North-East towards Mojkovac & Pljevlja

The Novito supermarket on Bulevar Vilija Branta is best reached by taking buses #6 or #6a from the Train station to the last stop stadion FK “KOM”. From here it is a very short walk away from the centre to the hitchhiking spot.

South-East towards Shkodër (Albania)

Pdogirca hitchhiking & transport tips: tested by HitchHikersHandbookThe best place to hitchhike towards Albania is on Tuski Put, which is located behind the train station. From the city centre, cross the Ribnica heading south along Bratstva i Jedinstva. Walk past the Mall of Montenegro until reaching the road Bracana Bracanovića and turn left. Follow this road underneath the rail tracks and beyond the Tuski put market and where the road narrows into one lane start hitching.

South-West towards Bar & Petrovac

Following the same instructions as towards Shkodër (Albania). Head along Bratstva i Jedinstva away from the city centre, but instead of turning left, continue straight whilst the road name changes to 4. Jul. At the end of this road lies a roundabout, continue straight over it and start hitchhiking from the other side on the E80.

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