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Trieste – Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport is located 30 km north-west of the city in the municipality of Ronchi dei Legionari. There are domestic services run by Alitalia (Milan, Naples, Rome) as well as international routes provided by Ryanair (Beauvais, London-Stansted) and Lufthansa (Munich). The airport is reached by taking bus #51 from Trieste Bus station (3.25 €, 55mins).

Trieste, Italy (16) - Piazza Unità d'Italia with evening strollers

Trieste Centrale railway station (Stazione di Trieste Centrale: Piazza della Libertà 8) lies a 10 min walk north of the city centre. There are frequent services to Venice and Udine, as well as daily routes to Verona, Turin, Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples and Bologna. There are no passenger services to Slovenia.

Trieste Bus station (Trieste Autostazione: Piazza della Libertà, 9) can be found next to the train station and offers numerous national and international routes. Domestic lines encompass frequent services to Udine (5.10 €: 1.1/4 h) and daily connections to Padova & Mestre. International destinations include daily buses to Ljubljana, Slovenia (11.60 €: 2¾ h) and Zagreb (14€: 5h) & Dubrovnik (57€: 15h) in Croatia. There are also buses to Belgrade, Serbia (50€: 10h) and Sofia, Bulgaria (59€: 16.5h) run by the Florentia Bus company

Trieste, Italy (57) - Salone degli Incanti (Congress Centre) on Riva Nazario Sauro

Urban bus routes are run by Trieste Trasporti which provides over 50 day lines as well as 12 night-bus services. Tickets cost 1.25€ and a useful route planner can be found here.

The historic Opicina Tramway is a unique blend of tram and cable car, and leaves from Piazza Oberdan before snaking up to 348m above sea level to the town of Opicina. It departs every 20 min from early morning to early evening and a timetable can be found here.

Furthermore, there is a year round ferry boat departing from Molo Bersaglieri and arriving in the nearby town of Muggia; in the summer there are also additional services to the resorts of Grignano, Duino, Sistiana and Barcola. More information can be found here.

Trieste lies at the end of the A4 motorway which starts in Turin, passes through Milan and Venice, and enters the city from the south after looping around its northern and eastern limits. Trieste also marks the beginning of the proposed Adriatic–Ionian motorway, which, when completed, will run all the way along the Adriatic coast to Greece. In Italy, the already completed part of the highway is called the RA 13 and it heads directly south out of the city to the border with Slovenia. The east running SS14, goes through the town of Basovizza before heading to the Slovenian border. And finally, if you are heading towards the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, the SR58 crosses the hills on the city’s eastern limits, through the town of Opicina and onto the Slovenian border and the major A3 highway on the other side.

Trieste Hitchhiking Out

Hitchhiking out for Trieste is most definitely doable but you will have to take a bus to reach the hitchhiking spots. Also, bear in mind that this is Italy, so waiting times will vary from the extremely short to the ridiculously long. Keep the faith though and eventually you will get where you want to go.

Trieste, Italy (51) - view across Trieste to surrounding hills taken from Via Capitolina

East towards Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Trieste hitchhiking and transport tips: tested by HitchHikersHandbookTake the Opicina Tramway or bus #2 from Piazza Oberdan, exiting either form of transport once you have entered the village of Opicina. From here, it is a short walk through town to find the hitchhiking spot. We tried outside the Nlb D.d. Bank and were able to get a ride to the border within 20 min.

South-east towards Kozina (Slovenia) & Rijeka (Croatia)

From Trieste Bus station take bus #39 across the hills to the town of Basovizza. Once the bus has left the main road to enter the town, get off the bus and head back to the road. Hitchhiking locations are not ideal (as its on a bend) but keep walking until you find a suitable spot.

South towards Koper (Slovenia) & Pula (Croatia)

From either Trieste Bus station or Piazza Oberdan ride bus #20 towards the town of Aquilinia, leaving the bus after passing through an Industrial zone. Follow the bus route on road until reaching a fork in the road with the right heading to Muggia and the left through a tunnel and eventually on the motorway. Either try before the tunnel or walk through and stand on the motorway slip road.

West towards Venice & Udine

Hop on bus #44 from Piazza Oberdan all the way to the town of Duino. Locate the A4 motorway and cross under the path that connects the service stations on both sides of the road. You can start thumbing from the Agip petrol station.

Trieste hitchhiking and transport

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