9 Things to do for free in Podgorica

9 Things to do for FREE in Podgorica

9 Things to do for free in Podgorica

Let’s be honest, Podgorica is not exactly packed full of things to see and do. However, what there is, need not break the bank and with a little bit of planning, and some useful advice from your friends here at hitchhikershandbook you can leave the city having seen as much as possible and still with some money in your pocket.

9 Things to do for FREE in Podgorica, Montenegro

① Although a shadow of its former glory, walk around what remains of the Turkish old town Stara Varoš. Things to see include a couple of mosques Doganjska & Osmanagić and the clock tower, which is one of the few Ottoman monuments to survive the bombing during the 2nd World War.

Podgorica, Montenegro (16) - Podgorica clock tower in Stara Varoš district

Despite its greyish appearance, there are a number of city parks to enjoy in Podgorica. The centrally located Njegoš & Karadjordje parks are the oldest and along with the recently designed King’s Park, make a great place to escape the cars and noise if only for a few short paces.

Podgorica, Montenegro (11) - equastrian statue of Nikola I in King's Park

St. George’s Church (Crkva Svetog Đorđa: 19 Decembar) is the oldest and prettiest church in Podgorica and sits behind castle-like walls, at the foot of the Gorica hill. It is notable for its 16th century nave, adorning 19th century icons and frescoes and creepy overgrown graveyard.

④ Even if Podgorica isn’t exactly renowned for its beautiful public spaces, there are a couple of town squares to explore. Trg Republike is the centre of public gatherings in Montenegro and does have a few cafés and free wifi. Rimski Trg, located on the east bank in the new part of town, contains Podgorica’s trendiest cafés and restaurants and is a favourite meeting point for Podgorica’s townsfolk.

Podgorica central square

Podgorica central square

Podgorica’s Modern Art Gallery (Centar Savremene Umjetnosti: Kruševac bb) is housed in the city’s most striking building, the elegant, white Petrović Palace that formerly belonged to King Nikola. The museum has exhibits dedicated to African & Asian art as well as a focus on 20th century Balkan artists. It is free to visit Mon – Fri: 7 a.m. – 2 p.m. & 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. & Sat: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Established in 1995, the Natural History Museum (Prirodnjacki muzej Crne Gore: Trg Nikola Kovacevica 7) is divided into 12 sections, each dedicated to the study and protection of Montenegrin flora аnd fauna. It is free to visit Mon – Fri: 9 a.m. – midday.

The Daily Market (Velika pijaca: Bratstva i jedinstva bb) is Podgorica’s premier marketplace (bazaar) filled to the brim with local produce from the surroundings villages and is well worth checking out for some authentic sights, sounds and smells of the city.

⑧ For fans of statue spotting, Podgorica contains a few interesting ones to enjoy. Opposite the parliament the equestrian statue to King Nikola Petrović is impressive for its size. The Bird of Peace, outside the Palada shopping centre, is innovatively made from old guns voluntarily handed over by the local population after the Balkan Wars. Although perhaps the most impressive is the Partizan Memorial, a gleaming white mausoleum guarded by fierce-looking Partizan fighters on Gorica Hill.

Podgorica, Montenegro (15) - statue of Marko Miljanov on Svetog Petra Cetinjskog

Where would a capital city be without a few bridges? The most impressive is the old Turkish bridge over the Ribnica popularly called Skaline (the stairs), that retains an air of romanticism in spite of the imposing edifices of the surround. The newly constructed Millennium Bridge, is an interesting design and as quickly become emblematic of the city.

Podgorica, Montenegro (7) - The millenium bridge

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