Guest post: Hitchhiking in Menorca — What You Need to Know – by Jason Jarvey

Hitchhiking in Menorca - Cala'n Porter, Menorca, Spain

In this week’s guest post… we join our new contributor, Jason, who is revealing his insider’s knowledge about hitchhiking in Menorca, a stunning Mediterranean Balearic isle.

Hitchhiking in Menorca - by edenmorrison

photo by: edenmorrison, used under Creative Commons licence

You might not be able to get to Menorca by conventional hitchhiking means, but taking a break to this alluring island will make you glad you made the journey. This Balearic Island positioned off the east coast of Spain in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea is small yet spellbinding, benefiting from a favourable yearlong climate and plenty of glorious sunshine.

Menorca is far less developed and more tranquil than alternative holiday resorts, allowing it to retain its rural charm. As a result, it’s incredibly popular with tourists and travellers who are looking to experience traditional island life.

With so much unspoilt terrain and idyllic areas to explore, you’ll be boarding a plane on flights to Menorca before you know it. If you want to hitchhike your way around, here’s what you need to know.

The ridiculously good bits

As Hitch-Hikers Handbook has mentioned previously, getting around in Spain is quite easy, especially in a place like Menorca. The pleasant weather means standing by the side of the road is in no way a burden. On top of that, Spanish people are generally very friendly and (normally) won’t expect any money for the ride.

If you do have to start walking towards your desired destination, Menorca’s flat landscape won’t prove to be a problem and the island’s highest point, Monte Toro, is a mere 358 metres.

Due to Menorca’s popularity with western tourists, you may even be able to flag down English-speaking holidaymakers on their way to the beach. Although the island has a bus network and good transport infrastructure, several visitors find hiring a car the best option.

Hitchhiking in Menorca - by visualpanic

photo by: visualpanic, used under Creative Commons licence

The minor bad bits

If you do manage to catch a lift from someone, they might only be going to the next village to see friends and family or do some shopping. Reaching your final port of call can take a little longer than you first expected.

Another problem on a small island like Menorca is the language. English is spoken around the main tourist spots, but residents in rural areas are only likely to know Catalan or Spanish. It’s a good idea to learn a few basic terms and phrases.

While hitchhiking isn’t illegal, stay away from the motorway, as this could get you into trouble.

Places to hitch to

Beaches — Head to Cala Galdana and you’ll be within walking distance of numerous white sand coves, including Cala Mitjana, Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella and Cala Trébaluger.

Cami de Cavalls — Translating to “Path of Horses,” this walking route encircles the entire island and gives you the opportunity to take in Menorca’s coast and countryside.

Mahón — It should be relatively straightforward to get to the capital, even though much of the centre is pedestrianized. The distinctive and dissimilar architectural styles are worth noting here.

Ciutadella — Perhaps the nicest town in Menorca, its gothic-baroque Catedral de Menorca and the charming old market area of Ses Voltes are particular highlights.

Despite the fact you’ll need to catch a flight here, hitchhiking in Menorca is a fairly easy and very enjoyable experience due to landscape and landmarks on offer.

Hitchhiking in Menorca - Cala'n Porter, Menorca, Spain

photo by: Maria Carmen, used under CC-BY-SA-3.0-es

written by: Jason Jarvey

Jason is a traveller and loves to be out on the open road. His favourite destination so far has been the USA and the great American road trip.

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