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Podgorica, Montenegro (7) - The millenium bridge


Podgorica is located in the centre of Montenegro, run through by the Morača and Ribnica rivers and sits at the northern end of the Zeta plain. Subsequently, the city centre is mostly flat (good for walking) with only a few hills surrounding the city (the most noticeable being Gorica which is close to the centre). On the west bank of the north-south running Morača river is what constitutes, very questionable, the business district. The eastern side is cut in two by the smaller Ribnica river, south of which lies the Old Town (Stara Varoš), what is left of the Ottoman old town. North of the Ribnica is the administrative centre New Town (Nova Varoš) the very modern heart of Podgorica and its central square Trg Republika. The shopping area is focused on ulica Slobe while there are cafés and bars to be found on Hercegovačka ulica. The train & bus stations are located in the eastern area of Podgorica. Unfortunately, there is not much to see in town but what there is, can easily be seen on foot with your Podgorica free walking tour.

Podgorica FREE walking tour and monument guide

Podgorica Walking Tour

Podgorica Monument & Sights Guide

Millenium Bridge
(Most Milenijum: Мост Миленијум)

What is it? cable-stayed bridge
Where is it? spans the Morača River

Podgorica, Montenegro (7) - The millenium bridge

Information: The impressive Millennium Bridge is 140m long, was opened on July 13, 2005 and has become one of Podgorica’s most recognisable landmarks. The pylon, which soars up 57m is tied to 46 support and counterbalance cables, and casts an imposing image across the night’s sky.

St. George’s Church
(Crkva Svetog Đorđa: Црква Светог Ђорђа)

Monument Type: Church
Address: 19. Decembar
Website: –
Opening Times:
Price: Free

Information: Podgorica’s oldest and, without question, prettiest church, sits behind castle-like walls, at the foot of the Gorica hill. St George’s was built in the 10th century and is notable for its 16th century nave and the adorning 19th century icons and frescoes. For a shocking experience visit the overgrown graveyard.

Republic square
(Trg Republike: Трг Републике)

What is it? central town square of Podgorica
Where is it? In the heart of New Town (Nova Varoš)

Podgorica central square - Trg Republike

Information: Known up until 2006 as Trg Ivana Milutinovića, after the national hero and communist politician, Republic square was renamed after Montenegro had declared full independence. It then underwent massive renovation including being widened, paved and pedestrianised. A fountain was constructed and colonnades built but unfortunately, even the newly planted palm trees can’t make it look beautiful. It is. however, the centre of public gatherings in Montenegro and does have a few cafés, restaurants and free WiFi.

Parliament of Montenegro
(Skupština Crne Gore: Скупштина Црне Горе)

What is it? Political block of buildings including Parliament and Presidential buildings,
Where is it? on the corner of Stanka Dragojevića and Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog in New Town

The Parliament of Montenegro, Podgorica

Information: Perhaps it reveals how little Podgorica has to offer that its mundane parliament buildings can be included on a list of top sites. For those that care, the parliament came into being in 2006 and currently has 81 members, each elected for a four-year term.

King’s Park
(Kraljev Park: Парк Краља)

What is it? City park containing a statue to King Nikola I
Where is it? On the northern bank of the Ribnica river, dividing Old town (Stara Varoš) & New town (Nova Varoš)

Podgorica, Montenegro (11) - equastrian statue of Nikola I in King's Park

Information: Making up the newest green area in the city, King’s Park is pleasant enough and is a nice place to escape, even if momentarily, the grey listless buildings. Its most impressive feature is the imposing statue of King Nikola I, which was erected in 2006 and stands at an imposing 4m high. It sits opposite the parliament and depicts the last king of Montenegro, who was a general, politician , poet and national icon, astride his horse.

Old Town
(Stara Varoš: Стара Варош)

What is it? The remains of Podgorica’s Ottoman old town
Where is it? on the south side of the Ribnica river, squeezed between the Morača river and Kralja Nikole

Podgorica, Montenegro (16) - Podgorica clock tower in Stara Varoš district

Information: The mini warren of housed streets is all that is left of Podgorica’s once thriving Ottoman old town. There are a couple of mosques to explore: Doganjska, which was originally constructed in the 15th century, and the more impressive Osmanagić (which has recently been repaired with Turkish money). The clock tower, which was one of the few Ottoman monuments to survive the bombing during the 2nd World War, used to serve as the place to give the call of prayer, and was built in 1667.

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