Travel Photography Competition – week 105

Stefan Y. Silvia Rivera‎ - Izalco volcano in Sonsonate, El Salvador

Hello everyone and welcome to the 105th edition of our popular weekly Travel Photography Competition! This week we are looking at the photos posted on our Facebook page between 23rd and 29th August.

The first winning picture in this week’s competition shows Kirkjufell mountain located on the northern coast of Iceland‘s Snæfellsnes peninsula, near the town of Grundarfjörður. Kirkjufell literally means “church mountain” but truth be told it’s more of a hill than a mountain since it’s only 463m high.

Valeria Sig Photography‎ - Kirkjufell, Iceland

This beautiful photo was sent by Valeria Sig, an Icelandic photographer based in Norway. Check out her Facebook page Valeria Sig Photography for more Icelandic beauty! We also encourage you to visit Valeria’s Flickr Photostream where you’ll find lots of stunning nature & landscape shots.


The secong winning shot was taken next to Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park, Canada. The lake lies afoot Pyramid Mountain, which is a popular hiking and picnic destination.

Jasper is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, spreading over 10,878 km2 (4,200 sq mi). It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. Visit the park’s official website for more information.

Andrew Lunt - Pyramid Lake, Jasper National Park, Canada

This wonderful photograph was sent by Andrew Lunt, a landscape photographer and outdoor enthusiast from Canada. Visit his blog and his Facebook page for more breathtaking shots!


And the last gorgeous photo in this week’s competition shows Izalco volcano located in El Salvador. The volcano nicknamed the “Lighthouse of the Pacific” is the country’s national icon, featured on post stamps and the 10 Colón banknote (no longer in circulation). It can be accessed from the Cerro Verde National Park and it’s a popular destinations among hikers and tourists.

Stefan Y. Silvia Rivera‎ - Izalco volcano in Sonsonate, El Salvador

This lovely image was submitted by Stefan Y. Silvia Rivera‎ a photographer, blogger and traveller from Santa Ana in El Salvador. ‘Cisco’ is a very talented artist and we highly recommend visiting his website and his Flickr photostream for more lovely photos!


Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s edition of the competition, either by sending or by voting for the pictures! We wish you nice end of the week!


What is Travel Photography Competition?

Each week we publish the three pictures which got the most “likes” on our Facebook page giving the photographers the credit they deserve.

Visit our Travel Photography page to see all the previous winning photos and find out how you can participate.

If your pictures are among this week’s selection, feel free to use one of our HTML snippets on your website and tell your friends about it.

Keep sending your photos and travel safe!

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