Travel Photography Competition – week 93

Francesco Damin‎ - Simplonpass, Switzerland

Hello everyone and welcome to the 93rd edition of our popular weekly Travel Photography Competition! This week we are looking at the photos posted on our Facebook page between 27th May and 2nd June.

The first winner this week was taken on Playa de Lastres in Colunga, Asturias, Spain. Lastre beach is located 4 km outside the town of Colunga and is protected by a coastal strip of sandstone, marble and limestone cliffs and is around 300m long. The village and municipality of Colunga are located in the the autonomous community of Asturias, in the north of Spain on the Cantabrian Sea.

Photoglendor - Playa de Lastres, Colunga, Asturias, Spain

This stunning image was sent by Glendor Díaz Suárez. He is a very talented artist and we recommend that you visit his Facebook page PhotoGlendor and his Flickr Photostream.


Our second winner this week is of the exquisite Durham Cathedral in Durham City, UK at dusk. Durham Cathedral was founded in 1093 and is regarded as one the finest examples of Norman architecture in England. Notable features include the relics of St Cuthbert and the remains of the Venerable Bede as well as an extensive library containing some of the earliest printed books in England and three copies of the Magna Carta. Along with nearby Durham Castle, it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.

Simon Owens - Durham Cathedral, Durham City, UK

This gorgeous photo was sent in by Simon Owens‎, an amateur landscape photographer from Durham, UK. Visit his Facebook page Aperture Priority – Photography and his Flickr Photostream for more beautiful photos taken in the North-East UK and beyond.


And last but not least this week, we have a wonderful shot taken along the Simplon Pass in Switzerland. The high mountain pass between the Pennine Alps and the Lepontine Alps, connects Brig with Domodossola in Italy and sits at an altitude of 2005 m. A locally used path through the mountains has existed for several centuries but first came to international recognition when, during the Napoleonic Wars, a road was constructed in order to transport artillery needed for the wars in Italy.

Francesco Damin‎ - Simplonpass, Switzerland

This beautiful picture was sent by Francesco Damin from Busto Arsizio in Italy. His passion for hiking and photography makes a great match which you can see in his stunning photos. For more visit his 500px portfolio or his Flickr photostream.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s edition of the competition, either by sending or by voting for the pictures! We wish you a nice end of the weekend!


What is Travel Photography Competition?

Each week we publish the three pictures which got the most “likes” on our Facebook page giving the photographers the credit they deserve.

Visit our Travel Photography page to see all the previous winning photos and find out how you can participate.

If your pictures are among this week’s selection, feel free to use one of our HTML snippets on your website and tell your friends about it.

Keep sending your photos and travel safe!


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