Hitch-hiking in Croatia: advantages and disadvantages

Dubrovnik, Croatia (60) - city walls and port


Croatia is one the most natural stunning countries in Europe, blessed as it is with sun-kissed beaches, beautiful national parks and breathtaking islands, which offers some unexpected benefits when hitch-hiking in Croatia. In the summer there are plenty of tourists and thus cars, especially from Germany and other northern European countries, which always increases the chances of getting a ride.

Another knock-on effect is the extensive and well maintained road system which helps to shave hours of travel time.

Toll roads are a blessing, as the authorities have a liberal attitude towards hitchhikers, and they are an ideal place to snag a longer lift. This is especially true around Zagreb.

Also, considerable amounts of money can be saved on accommodation as Couchsurfing is relatively widespread in the larger inland cities and secluded beaches make great spots for a bit of wild camping.

Rijeka, Croatia (1) - City Tower and City Gate - Gradski toranj


Although hitchhiking in Croatia is generally a pleasant experience, that isn’t to say that it is a budget travellers paradise. Croatia is relatively expensive, in comparison to other ex-Yugoslavia states, and it promises to get more expensive since its ascension to the European Union.

For those wishing to visit the islands, ferries are a steep and unavoidable expense. Hitchhiking to and from the coastal towns and peninsulas of Croatia can be slow going, due to a lack of traffic and general unwillingness of drivers to stop.

As an alternative to hitch-hiking, trains are not a great option – although slightly cheaper than buses they are extremely slow and there is no train route along the coast.

Finally, in the summer Croatia is hot, so be sure to take plenty of water and don’t forget to cream up.

A ship near Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our Experience

We hitch-hiked in Croatia as part of our ‘The Balkan Peninsula by Thumb 2013‘ trip in which we covered 689.3km by thumb.

This was our route:


written by: Jon

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