Travel Photography Competition – week 89

Pawel Kucharski Photography‎ - Tulips in the Netherlands

Hello all and welcome to the 89th edition of our popular weekly Travel Photography Competition! This week we are looking at the photos posted on our Facebook page between 30th April and 5th May.

Our first winner this week comes from The Netherlands and is a wonderful shot of a tulip field at twilight. The tulip was originally grown in modern-day Turkey but was imported into Holland in the 16th century and is now cultivated in great fields of magnificent colour all across the country. Today, the Netherlands is known around the world for its tulips and other flowers, and is affectionately called the “flower shop of the world.”

Pawel Kucharski Photography‎ - Tulips in the Netherlands - Travel Photography Competition – week 89

This stunning shot was sent in by Pawel Kucharski Photography‎ who hails from Opole in Poland. For more stunning shots of mesmeric sceneries check out his website.


Our second winning photo this week was taken in Chefchaouen, the so called Blue Pearl, in Morocco. Chefchaouen lies in the Rif Mountains, inland from Tangier and Tetouan, and was founded in 1471 as a small fortress, built to counter Portuguese invasions of northern Morocco. The city’s primary attraction is the medina with its whitewashed walls, tinted with blue which were originally decorated by Jewish immigrants.

Smarties Brit Cecchetto‎ - Blue City, Morocco - Travel Photography Competition – week 89

This atmospheric shot was sent in by Smarties Brit Cecchetto an Italian, England-based photographer. For more of her work, check out her Flickr stream.


And our final winner this week also comes from the wonderfully diverse land of Morocco and shows a glass of traditional Moroccan tea in Casablanca. Tea drinking is an institution in Morocco after being introduced in the 18th century, with the preferred brew being Maghrebi mint tea served with rich tea cookies, fresh green mint leaves, local “finger shape” brown sugar, and in ornate tea glasses and pots.

Youssef Roudani‎ - Traditional Moroccan tea, Casablanca, Morocco - Travel Photography Competition – week 89

This superbly inventive photo was sent in by Youssef Roudani who was born and raised in the very same Casablanca.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s edition of the competition, either by sending or by voting for the pictures! We wish you a nice end of the weekend!


What is Travel Photography Competition?

Each week we publish the three pictures which got the most “likes” on our Facebook page giving the photographers the credit they deserve.

Visit our Travel Photography page to see all the previous winning photos and find out how you can participate.

If your pictures are among this week’s selection, feel free to use one of our HTML snippets on your website and tell your friends about it.

Keep sending your photos and travel safe!

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