Guest post: On Foot — A Hiker’s Guide to Turkey – by Izzy West

People hiking in Cappadocia, Turkey

In this week’s guest post… we join Izzy West, a traveller and Turkey lover who argues that exploring this diverse country on foot is one of the best ways to get to know it well…

Fun and capable of providing memories of abroad that last for a lifetime, Turkey holidays are a route into an intriguing part of the world. This massive country indeed boasts a wide range of activities and cultural attractions to enjoy. From the wind-swept inland regions to rugged mountains and the inviting waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey is a true gem for travellers. There are those who may wish to avoid traditional forms of mass transit and instead experience this region on foot. So, what are some of the top locations that should not be missed? While there are countless to behold, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent.

Mountains in Northeastern Anatolia, Turkey. Hiker's Guide to Turkey

Staying Inland

If course, you can enjoy your trip to Turkey by exploring some of the vast and untamed locations within the country. Regions such as Cappadocia should not be missed; allowing the hiker to view some of the finest landscapes on the planet. Remember, though, that this is as rugged as it is beautiful. Guided tours are the preferred way to travel.

People hiking in Cappadocia, Turkey. Hiker's Guide to Turkey

Sweating it out

When many people think of Turkey, they’ll likely fail to appreciate that this land offers some spectacular beaches. In particular, the shores of Antalya should be visited. Many consider these to be the ‘jewel’ of Turkey. It has to be the warm waters and pristine sands will be immensely satisfying to anyone who is looking to just laze around on the beach. Hiking up and down the coast will enable the traveller to encounter hidden coves and miles of unoccupied beaches (ideal if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of tourist life).

Sunset on the beach in Kusadasi, Turkey. Hiker's Guide to Turkey

Hot in the city

This may come as a surprise to some, but cities such as Ankara and Istanbul in particular are quite well known for their nightlife. Some of the best dance clubs and restaurants can be found here. From Western-themed venues to those that gift visitors and locals alike with traditional Turkish culture, there are a host of spots to enjoy. These are also fairly old cities, so the architectural blend of the old and the new punctuates the experience. If you wish to simply sit back and enjoy an iced coffee on a quaint street corner, Istanbul and Ankara will be happy to oblige.

DJ at work by Agnieszka Marczak. Hiker's Guide to Turkey

photo credit: Agnieszka Marczak (Public Domain Pictures)

Turkey is a country with an eclectic nature. You won’t see it all from the car or the van. Swap the pedals for walking boots and you can truly appreciate the diversity of this country.

written by: Izzy West

Izzy is a traveller and lover of Turkey. Her favourite author is Orhan Pamuk.

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