Hitch-hiking in Armenia: advantages and disadvantages

Scrap metal market on Lazyan Street - Vanadzor, Armenia (4)


Hitch-hiking in Armenia is childishly easy. On a busy road you won’t need to wait more than 5 minutes and in many cases your driver will be very happy to offer you food and drink, or even to invite you into their homes for a meal. The whole Caucasus region is famous for the hospitality of its people and Armenia is an excellent example of this. Besides, there aren’t that many backpackers in Armenia, so you can count on novelty value. And if you speak a bit of Russian (as this is the second language, and the one you will most often be addressed in), then you’re sorted.

Hitch-hiking with friendly locals in the north of Armenia - Armenia, Hitch-hiking in Armenia: advantages and disadvantages


Although Armenian people are hospitable and kind, there aren’t that many of them (only 3 million living in the country), and if you decide to visit some of the more remote parts of Armenia, where there are not that many cars, you might find yourself waiting for a while (but don’t get discouraged, the first car that sees you will stop).

Another disadvantage is the lack of widespread couchsurfing (or maybe the Internet in general). We only managed to find hosts only in the capital, but the people we found were excellent hosts and friends, and we had such a good time there that we were even considering moving to Yerevan.

It’s also a good idea to have a tent if you decide to travel of the beaten track in Armenia. There aren’t that many other options outside big cities, apart from homestays and Soviet hotels, which usually don’t have hot (nor sometimes even running) water.

Scrap metal market on Lazyan Street - Vanadzor, Armenia (4), Hitch-hiking in Armenia: advantages and disadvantages

Our Experience

We hitch-hiked across Armenia in summer 2011, as a part of our CaucasusTurkeyGreece trip. Armenia is probably the easiest country we have hitchhiked in so far, due to the friendliness and hospitality of its people. We fell in love with the landscape and Armenians in general, and we highly recommend this beautiful place!

A round tour of Armenia took us about 2 weeks and we covered 806 km. This was our route:

written by: Ania

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