Staying in Sarajevo: Useful tips & links


Staying in Sarajevo should be relatively painless. Accommodation is plentiful, and reasonable priced and more often than not you will likely be approached as you are walking around town, with offers of private home-stays and guest-houses. If, however, you like a little piece of mind before you set off, below we have listed some of the cheapest accommodation options in the city.

Staying in Sarajevo: Useful tips & links

Search for Sarajevo‘s cheapest accommodation (hostels, airbnb, home-stays etc.).

Haris Youth Hostel (Vratnik Mejdan 29) comes highly recommend and is located a short walk from the old town, up the hill, just behind the Yellow Bastion. In the summer months there are options in a 6 bed dorm (10 €) and twin privates (12.50 €) available. Also included is a common room, 24hr reception, lockers and social event nights organised by the hostel throughout the week.

Hostel Ljubicica (Mula Mustafe Baseskije, 65 Basèar) is centrally located and offer perhaps the cheapest accommodation options in the city. There are multiple dorm beds available with 14 bed mixed (6 €), 12/24 bed mixed (7 €) and 4/5 bed dorms (10 €) ideal for those looking to save a few pennies. Amenities include kitchen & cafe, WiFi and laundry facilities.

Hostel Bas Bascarsija (Mula Mustafe Baseskije 60) is ideally located very close to the city centre. We, ourselves, stayed here after being approached in the street. There are 6, 7 & 10 bed dorms available (starting from 10 €) and private rooms from (25 €) Prices can be negotiated down with a little charming. There is WiFi, Laundry service and a nice smoking balcony that offers nice views over the rooftops.

Going out

Nightlife in Sarejevo is based around the Bascarsija district (old town) and thrives on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and especially in the summer. All other nights of the week are a lot quieter. Check out this useful map with the best bars and clubs marked.

Things to Try & Buy

The best place to start souvenir shopping is the narrow winding alleys of the Bascarsija. There are countless stores selling everything from carpets to antiques and handicraft products made in their own workshops. A good idea for a gift is one of the copper coffee sets, a decorative and useful buy. Shells and bullets that fell on the city during the siege have been transformed into pens and salt & pepper pots. There is also a vast variety of memorabilia from the Communist period, lots of it idealising Tito.

Staying in Sarajevo: Useful tips & links

Bosnian food is meat and potatoes-heavy which leaves a rather limited selection for vegetarians as even traditional vegetarian staples like beans are also likely to be cooked along with bacon or smoked meat. Cevapi, Balkan mince meat kebab served with bread and chopped onion, is an extremely popular fast food option. For breakfast, Pita, stuffed pastry pies are a filling if slightly greasy option. Popular types include burek (meat), sirnica (cheese), zeljanica (cheese and spinach), krompirusa (spicy potato) and tikvenica (pumpkin). Trahana which is eaten especially during Ramadan is a traditional sour-dough soup and is a local speciality. To drink, Sarajevo is a coffee lovers paradise, with the local Bosnian coffee very reminiscent of its Turkish cousin.

Staying in Sarajevo: Useful tips & links


Here’s a useful map with a few places offering Wi-Fi places marked:

written by: Jon

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  • I highly reccomend to visis pub next to the Sarajevo Brewery (Franjevacka street). They serve unfiltered version of Sarajevsko (you need to ask waiter for it, as they don’t mention this) and the ambient is just amazing, you can feel like you’re back in the roaring 20s. If you like Great Gatsby’s or Boardwalk Empire’s feel, you’ll love this place.