Hitch-hiking in Greece: advantages and disadvantages

Crossed tree trunks and the sparkling sea in the background - Thessaloniki, Greece


Greece is a country blessed with some of the most stunning landscapes that not only Europe but the world has to offer. Travelling across this beautiful land you will soon forget about the doom and gloom of back home. The E-90 from the border of Turkey to Thessaloniki is busy with truck traffic, making it all the more likely to hitch a ride and although wild camping is illegal, there are plenty of beaches and hidden away place on which to pitch a tent and no-one will bother you. Apart from that, buckle up and get ready, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Sunset over a city beach - Athens, Greece, Hitch-hiking in Greece


The biggest disadvantage about hitch-hiking in Greece is that simply cars do not stop. Well, perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration. More accurately: cars stop very very very irregularly. Whilst we did have some success travelling from the Turkish border to the city of Thessaloniki, the journey from Thessaloniki down to the Larissa was torturous. The journey from Larissa to Athens – impossible. We acknowledge that this was only our experience. We would love to hear about yours.

English is also not widely spoken in Greece outside of the big cities, and we found that some people knew German so bear this in mind when there.

In summer Greece is hot, so always try and find shade and drink lots of water.

Prejudice towards neighbouring Albania and Macedonia is prevalent (see Political Situation), better just to avoid the subject.

Crossing the Greece-Turkey border will also give you a memorable experience should you choose to try and hitch-hike across. Read more about our experience here

Crossed tree trunks and the sparkling sea in the background - Thessaloniki, Greece, Hitch-hiking in Greece

Our Experience

We hitch-hiked in Greece as part of our The Caucasus – Turkey – Greece by Thumb 2011 with Jon having previously visited in 2007.

In the week that we spent in Greece we visited 3 places, and hitch-hiked a total of 658 km.

This was our route:

written by: Jon

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