Greece’s Absolute Musts

View over the city with the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in the foreground - Athens, Greece

Most Beautiful Nature Spot

We have not travelled as extensively as we would have liked in Greece, so any contributions from our fellow travellers would be well appreciated. Saying that one place we did find to be one of Greece‘s absolute musts and particularly beautiful was the small fishing village of Glyfa. We stumbled across this seaside resort after heading for the sea and somewhere to camp.

Its clear water and beach bays were relatively clear of the usual tourists, and bathing in the water in the evening sun was a pleasure.

Beach parasol, taken at dusk - Glyfa, Greece (1), Greece's Absolute Musts

Best City / Town

It is undeniable the Greek capital of Athens that deserves the title of best city. Its museums and monuments stand alone as vestiges of an ancient history. The Acropolis stands high over the city and is an omnipotent presence as you wander down through the old town. Passing Ancient Roman and Greek ruins, tucked away behind winding alleys, forgotten relics of a bygone time. When the sun sets the people of Athens, shrug off the impending fiscal disaster by filling the cafés, restaurant and pubs of the city, eating and drinking late into the night.

View over the city with the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in the foreground - Athens, Greece, Greece's Absolute Musts

Thessaloniki also deserves an honourable mention and as a big university town, is definitely an enjoyable place to spend a few days.

White Tower of Thessaloniki and seafront - Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece's Absolute Musts

Best area for hitch-hiking

Seeing as our hitch-hiking in Greece was far from a success, it is quite difficult to identify an area in which it was easiest or most rewarding. Saying this, we did have some success travelling from the Turkish border to the city of Thessaloniki in the north. Travelling along the Aegean coast we were treated to some dramatic landscapes and contrasting hills and coastline. The motorway was quite direct from the border and we had no problem in arriving to Thessaloniki

Icon shop with impressive discounts - Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece's Absolute Musts

written by: Jon

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