Get inspired to hitchhike travel – our interview for

Interview for WonderlustAdventures

Get inspired to hitchhike!

We talk with Dana from Wonderlust Adventures about hitchiking, our motivation for doing it and all things travel. We feel it’s important to talk about hitchhiking and prove it’s not only about saving money but first and foremost about the great adventure it offers and the opportunity to speak with the locals, participating in their daily lives, experiencing kindness and learning something new from them. If we managed to convince at least one of you to go and stand on the edge of the road and travel by thumb or to pick up a lonely hitchhiker you see waiting, we consider it a great success!


Interview for WonderlustAdventures

But what is

Wonderulust Adventures is a travel blog whose mission is “to encourage everyone to get inspired by the wonderful world of travel, adventure, art, books, quotes, food, photography and more.

Wonderlust is a play on words to add more fun and discovery into the traditional wanderlust.”

Meet Dana Bach Johnson, the editor of Wonderulst Adventures

Dana “has been collecting stories and curating for years. She was inspired to start this blog when she read this quote by her former boss: What will not go away is the art of storytelling. It will always be powerful. Always. Always. Always.

Our interview for Wonderlust Adventures


“Avid travelers all have unique methods. From planning to packing to accommodations to eating to mode of transportation. the list is extensive and each traveler can list off their top 10 of travel musts. Each list is different and each list is part of their descriptive story. We always enjoy discovering the unique and bold methods. So we are so excited to introduce you to Ania + Jon of They are passionate about hitch-hiking traveling.

Please enjoy learning more about them and their passion for hitch-hiking …”

Read the full interview here.

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