Oviedo hitchhiking and transport tips

Espacio Buenavista Shopping Centre - Oviedo, Spain (8)

Oviedo hitchhiking and transport tips


Oviedo‘s Airport of Asturias is about 40 km outside of the city and offers many domestic and international (mainly Europe) services. There is a bus that connects the airport and city centre bus station, with buses leaving every hour (6 a.m–12 p.m.) and the journey taking 40–45 mins.

Oviedo Estación Uría (Oviedo train station) (Av. De Santander) is home to the two train companies that service the city. RENFE runs the León, Madrid and Barcelona lines, with at least one train daily. There are also multiple trains to Gijón. FEVE, located on the upper floor of the train station, covers more local destinations, as well as trains to Santander and Bilbao.

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Estacion de Autobuses de Oviedo (Oviedo bus station; Calle de Pepe Cosmen) is the hub of both national and international coach services. The majority of services are organised by ALSA including Madrid, Barcelona and other major Spanish cities. There are also numerous providers of more local lines. More information can be found here.

The generally cheap and effective city bus system is run by the TUA with single journey tickets costing less than €1. Most city buses travel down Calle de Uria.

Getting out of Oviedo is relatively easy, as the city is served by multiple motorways and national roads leading off in all directions. To the east, the A-64 to Villaviciosa that connects to the A-8 which continues to Santander and beyond. The A-66 Autovía Ruta de la Plata which runs from Gijón in the north, down the spine of Spain, all the way to Seville in the south and to the west the A-63 to La Espina.

Hitch-hiking out

Espacio Buenavista Shopping Centre - Oviedo, Spain (8), Oviedo hitchhiking and transport tips

North & West towards Grado & Santiago de Compostela

The N-634, which runs near the University in the east, provides good access to the A-63 for those wanting to go west towards Galicia. To get there from the centre is a 20–25 minute walk. From the edge of the park take Av. De Galicia, walk up the hill, crossing the roundabout, after a short while the road changes name to Calle de Fuertes Acevado, but not direction. After passing the university on the left there is a hotel on the right when the houses start to thin out. We hitch-hiked from the hotel entrance and it took about 15 minutes to get a ride.

South towards León

Access to the A-66 Autovía Ruta de la Plata which heads towards Leon can be quite tricky. So for this Oviedo hitchhiking experience you need to head to Av. De León, to the south of the old town, which does offer access but it can be problematic due to lack of cars and position. There is a motorway service station a further 2 km along the motorway (it is signposted), but be careful about reaching it and remember it is illegal to hitch-hike on Autovías (motorways) in Spain.

North towards Gijon

It’s not ideal, and you might catch a lot of travel heading to the local housing estates but there is a space just big enough for cars to pull over on the roundabout connecting Av. Cantábrico to the beginnings of the A-2.

written by: Jon

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