Guest post: Niagara Falls – Planning Your Autumn Visit – by Suzanne Alexander

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In this week’s guest post… we are visiting the breathtaking Niagara Falls on tour with our new contributor, Suzanne. Enjoy the ride!

Niagara Falls is a spectacular place to visit at any time during the year, but a visit during the autumn months can be particularly satisfying, in more ways than one. The spring and summer holiday crowds have lessened as the children are back in school, and the cooler temperatures can encourage other vacationers in search of warmer weather. All of this is great news for those travelers who adore the crisp, fall weather, abundant activities and gorgeous, colorful scenery.

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Niagara Wine Trail

Niagara’s abundant wineries might just be the area’s best kept secret. Few people are aware that this part of the world grows world-class grapes and produces wines that are well-received by critics. The wineries in the area are fairly centrally located, and tourists have the chance to visit multiple wineries at once, with a trip along the famous Niagara Wine Trail. Most Niagara hotels are experts in arranging these types of tours for their guests.

Events, tastings, and tours are possible year around, but as most grape harvests take place in the autumn months, the famous Niagara Wine Festival is also held at this time. This is the perfect opportunity for visitors to get close with the region’s wine production and perhaps even experience a behind-the-scenes tour of a vineyard when harvest is in full swing.

Niagara Gorge

The Niagara Gorge is a natural gorge carved over millennia by the Niagara River, and extends about 10 kilometers from the base of Niagara Falls. This area delights hikers all year, but the fall foliage in the gorge is spectacular. There are several different hiking trails which vary in difficulty and duration, but all are guaranteed to delight the nature lover. Guided hikes are available as well.

The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center offers visitors more information about the region, including tidbits about the rock formations, basic geology, and details on the local wildlife. They also offer important safety information. This part of the Niagara River has one of the strongest currents in the world, and access to the water is generally prohibited. However, professional kayakers are occasionally granted permission to tackle the rapids, much to the delight of spectators.

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Journey Behind the Falls

Of course, no visit to Niagara would be complete without a view of the falls themselves. After visitors have taken in the spectacle from the boat tour, an exciting addition can be a visit behind-the-scenes. A self-guided tour takes the more adventurous travelers behind the massive of curtain of water to allow for a view unlike any other. The tour winds its way through the caverns and offers a completely different perspective on this amazing natural wonder.

As this tour is exceptionally popular, the summer crowds can be heavy. During the autumn, however, as the crowds have thinned out, this tour can be an enjoyable and interesting way to get a special and thrilling experience.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Harvest Tours

The Niagara area abounds with agriculture, and autumn is the perfect time to take advantage of the harvests. Many local farms offer tours and allow visitors to pick their own produce; apples, pumpkins, and various berries are at their peak during the cooler months. Many of the farms also offer horse and pony rides, hay rides, and the chance for children and adults to pet and feed the farm animals.

If time does not allow for a full visit to a local farm, the Niagara area’s roadsides are dotted with produce stands throughout the year that allow tourists to purchase the freshest fruits and vegetables available.

The Niagara area is delightful at any time of the year, but autumn is perfect for many reasons. The weather is lovely, the crowds are smaller, and many hotels will have fantastic deals to offer. Whether you are a family looking for an autumn break, a couple on a romantic long weekend or any type of traveler, a visit to Niagara in the fall will certainly not disappoint.

written by: Suzanne Alexander

Suzanne is a travel writer and a cookbook author.

She encourages readers to visit to plan their fall vacations.

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  • Great advice here and a lovely article. I do like the idea of visiting in Autumn when the crowds are smaller. When my daughter visited, the people who were managing the B&B she stayed in were from our hometown here in Australia. They realised where she was from when she booked, and they gave her their best suite. Wasn’t that kind!

  • I grew up a stone’s throw from the falls. It is beautiful anytime of year. Fall is a great time to enjoy the wine and colours. Winter is also cool when the constant mist turns the surrounding area into a glass menagerie.
    The popular maid of the mist boat may be coming to an end after over 100+ years of bringing customers into the mist along the river. Word has it other companies wanted to go up for tender, while others are saying it needs repairs for the ferry docks. It may still run, but from only 1 side. Currently docks are on the Canadian and American side. The Niagrara Parks website should have information and details closer to opening time which is usally late May).