Staying in Oviedo: Useful tips & links

Restaurant Umbrella's on Calle de la Rúa - Oviedo, Spain (31)

Staying in Oviedo: Useful tips & links


Oviedo, unfortunately for us penny-pinchers, is lacking in truly wallet friendly accommodation. Unfortunately sometimes it is unavoidable so here below are a couple of the cheapest options available out there for staying in Oviedo:

Ornate street lamps on Calle de la Rúa - Spain (30), Staying in Oviedo

Search for Oviedo’s cheapest accommodation (hostels, airbnb, home-stays etc.).

Pension La Casina is a little out of the centre but offers the cheapest rooms in the city with single rooms (€19) and double rooms (€29). There is also Wi-Fi offered in the on-site café.

Hotel Cityexpress Covadonga located just minutes away from the Cathedral and ‘Bulevar de la Sidra’ (Cider Boulevard) prices and rooms vary from (€16) three bed private to (€32) single private, prices are higher at the weekends.

Going out

Restaurant Umbrella's on Calle de la Rúa - Oviedo, Spain (31), Staying in Oviedo

Sidra (cider) drinking in Oviedo is an institution. The whole ritual of cider drinking in Asturias is surprisingly intricate, with a waiter pouring the cider from above his head into the glass below, in order to increase and preserve the fizz. However, he pours no more than a mouthful into the glass, which the customer is supposed to drink in one, and return the glass. This circle repeats endlessly. The best place to experience it is on Calle de Gascona. Look out for signs saying “Sidrería” or “Chigre”.

The area just south of the university the area known as El Cristo is home to many bars and pubs. Calle del Rosel also has a number of late night bars and is home to a younger crowd and lastly the probable centre of late night Oviedo, Calle de Mon which attracts all sorts from Erasmus students to 30 some-things and is the place most people finish up at the end of night’s drinking.

Things to try & buy

Some local specialities include the heavy and filling bean stew Fabada Asturiana is well known all over Spain. There is also a strident local cheese market, like the highly regarded cabrales and for those with a slightly weaker taste preference gamoneu.

King of Ham butcher's on Calle de Fierro - Oviedo, Spain (19), Staying in Oviedo


The city of Oviedo runs a WiFi network free to both citizens and travellers alike, check out the map below to find your nearest hotspot:

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